Artificial Intelligence Will Be a Great Investment for Future Success

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th March 2017 The Manager Amazon Retail Stores P. O. BOX 005639, 19th Avenue, Dallas, Texas. Dear Sir/ Madam I am David Johnson, one of your regular customers. I have been your customer for a couple of years now I like the service you offer to your customers. Your business offers a wide range of products which are very essential to many consumers. I have therefore found it a good idea to share with you this great experience that will help in improving your services as well as increasing profits of your firm. As the manager of Amazon retail stores, it will be a wise decision to have this new technology developed and implemented in your business. I am talking about none other than artificial intelligence. This is a new technology whereby computers have been enabled to operate just like a natural human being. The computers can perform all tasks that a human being can do depending on what they are instructed to do. They can, perform even better than human beings because they are more accurate, fast, and don't get fatigued so they can run for long hours. The computers can also execute a number of operations at once and perform more complex tasks that a normal human being will find difficult to do. Therefore artificial intelligence is the best technology that any business should thing of adopting in its operations. As we talk new, many business firms have already adopted the new technology and its working great for them. It has helped in improving the quality of services offered to their customers as well as increasing their profit margin.

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Many of these firms have confessed that this is the best technology in the business industry, especially in the current competitive global market. I, therefore, recommend that your business should adopt the new technology so as to enjoy the many benefits. One of the major benefits is that artificial intelligence will ensure reduced operational cost for your firm. This is because the computers are more productive as compared to normal human beings. If the customer wants a gift for the child, the computer will select the best gift to give to the child. We also have the artificial intelligence powered product selector which helps in selecting a product which fits the customer most. The customer enters details of the products he/she wants to purchase the system and then it selects the best product for the customer.

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The computer can use information from the customer to know their needs, tastes and preferences hence selecting the best product which suits the customer needs. The computer also makes product recommendation to customers about products are best for them. Therefore, artificial intelligence ensures that the stock is kept at the required level so as to ensure continued sales and meet all customer demand. This will lead to customer satisfaction hence resulting in increased sales and profits for the firm. Artificial intelligence will also help in storing of data for all customers and allowing easy retrieval of the data whenever it’s required. This involves the data relating to all financial transactions. It will also assist in the preparation of more accurate financial statements for the firm hence ensuring proper management of all financial resources.

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It also ensures quick decision making for the firm. Fast and better decision making will help in ensuring smooth flow of all operations as well as increasing sales and profits of your firm. Adoption of artificial intelligence will also help in marketing and advertisement of the products. This is ensured through online shopping where the customers can access your products from the internet. Artificial intelligence allows customers all the information they require about all the goods. This helps in ensuring customer satisfaction hence wining their loyalty. Therefore, the firm will get a wide market base for its products hence competing favorably with other businesses in the market. The firm will be able to survive well in the today's competitive market. Through reduced operational costs, the firm will also offer better prices for its products to the consumers.

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This will result to increased demand and increased sale volume hence leading to high profits for the firm. Yours faithfully David Johnson.

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