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They have maintained that all animals should no longer be seen as food or the property, subjects for research, used for entertainment or the burden beasts. Around the world, multiple cultural and traditions such as Taoism, Animism, Buddhism, Jainism and indiums have exposed also some of the forms of the rights of the animals. About the moral rights in parallel to the debate, the law of animals is taught widely now in most of the law schools in the Northern America and several others of the legal prominent scholars who are in the support of the basic extension of the personhood and the legal rights of them to at least some of the animals. The animal rights critics argue out that the animals are not able to go into a social contract, and they should not be among the possessors of the rights.

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The main view was summed up by Roger Scruton the philosopher who mainly said that only the human being have their duties, and that means only them should have the rights (Kaw, Anu, D. On the other hand, the animals use in the medical and the scientific research had been a heated debate on the subject for several years in the whole world. Opponents of the animals research of any kind which include both the anti-vivisectionist and the animal-rights groups have believed that the animals to be used for the experiments is unnecessary and very cruel, irrespective of the benefit or the purpose. These groups have no grounds but they want total and immediate animal research abolition. If these groups succeed in the near future there will be severe and enormous consequences of the research of the scientist who is trying to bring a better life for all, both the animals and the human beings.

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No scientists who are very responsible who will like to use an animal or cause the unnecessary suffering if there could be any other way available for this to be avoided. Despite the limitation of the test of some of the non-animals, that is still very critical in the compounds pre-screening before the stage of the animal testing which will replace and reduce the use of the animals. The good science and the experimental designs that are good can also reduce the animal number that the researchers use ingathering of the information which can be used in the protection of the animals and the human health. Welfare of the Animals with different religions, cultures and traditions The welfare of the animals has been a growing concern which affects the agricultural acceptability systems around the world in most of the countries.

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The interpretation of the Bible, an earlier Judeo-Christian over the animals' dominion that meant any of the exploitation degrees has changed for the majority of the people that each of the individuals has an animal welfare responsibility. The efficiency of the production which is parallel to the changes, phenotypes of the farm animals, the structure of the herd, management and housing, in the consumers that have had a great change and towards the domestic animals attitudes. Singer's Utilitarian Theory The singer is a utilitarian who had faith in that the contemplated act consequences that matter the most and not the following consequences for a rule that is more generalized. The utilitarian who are classical said that alone on the pleasure was more valuable intrinsically and the pain alone was not more intrinsically valuable.

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However, Singer subscribes to claim that a form of a more modified utilitarian which is also called "interest" or "preference" which helps in providing what's more valuable and more intrinsically critical helps to improve the affected one's interest. The included interests are the preferences and the desires of the affected ones. Pain and pleasure matter because of the nonhuman desires and are part of what the human beings desires or seek or prefer to avoid. The animal ethics reader. Taylor & Francis, 2016. animalwelfarecouncil. org/?page_id=16 Kaw, Anu, D. Gareth Jones, and Ming Zhang.

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