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The application of this technology calls for all patients to be offered a barcode wristband that is used later by the nurses and other practitioners to assess whether the medication application process is being done appropriately (Koppel, Wetterneck, Telles, J& Karsh, 2008). If the BCMA technology finds out that the administration is not as required, then the nurses are notified and advised on how to correct their mistakes. This paper thus seeks to discuss the effects of applying the bar code medication administration in different healthcare centers. Effects of Barcode medication administration to the healthcare system Healthcare organizations have been faced with a lot of medication errors that lead to serious health issues being experienced by the patients. These issues have prompted the application of BCMA in the healthcare centers, something that has brought about various benefits to both the patients and the healthcare practitioners (Agrawal, & Glasser, 2009).

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Again, its application not only decreases prescription and administration errors, it also acts as a significant intervention technique in improving the efficiency with which the healthcare providers operate with (McNulty, Donnelly, & Iorio, 2009). The application of the technology has also led to an improvement in warning and alerts response time amongst the nurses (McNulty, Donnelly, & Iorio, 2009). The response time has been improved significantly because the technology sends reminders to the nurses once activated, making it hard for them to ignore the alerts given, thus improving the entire response process (Voshall, et al. Personal experience of the Barcode medication administration Personally, I have had some first-hand experience with the technology. I obtained the experience that I have with the technology as a patient after I was admitted to one of my local area hospitals where this technology has been fully implemented.

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The application of this technology as highlighted in this paper has led to a significant reduction in the number of errors that were being caused by either ignorance or genuine reasons that were unavoidable in the past. As such, the technology can be termed as a good thing for any healthcare organization to adopt because it helps nurses to avoid most of the avoidable mistakes while carrying out their duties. Their introduction into the healthcare sector has with no doubt reduced mortality rates linked to drug administration errors that were common in the past. Improved dispensing accuracy from its application has also been amongst the factors that have pushed for its wide adoption in different healthcare facilities across the world. As such, healthcare facilities administrations are supposed to work towards improving how they adopt these technologies and reduce the errors that are commonly experienced in their facilities significantly.

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