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Asia has seen a dynamic shift in culture and beauty because it has adopted the Western culture from European countries because of different reasons and beliefs by its citizens. Beauty Standards in Japan and Korea In Asian countries, beauty is homogenous. To understand this, we should consider various physical beauty aspects that include but not limited to race, ethnicity and culture by examining gender and political, and historical background of women’s bodies and the observable differences when compared with other countries and the influence of beliefs that interact with culture and the dynamics of physical beauty (Holliday & Elfving-Hwang, 2012, p. The beauty homogeneity has been caused by beauty pageants together with the male gaze effect. Issues to do with physical beauty and bodies of women are related with male gaze.

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Beauty issues have focused on the implications of culture together with the shifting physical appearance and the possibility that they are adapting the western beauty standards in Asia through fashion which portrays all Asia to look same. It is clear that fashion and media in Asia are dominated by westernized principles which greatly influences the physical appearances of young females and how they conduct themselves even to those who Asians who reside in other regions who would like to blend to avoid being perceived as outcasts. Different surveys and studies that have been conducted recently in Asia show that many young females aspire to have light skin. They use different skin whitening lotions and creams to brighten their skins. The use of mascara and lipstick, which initially has not been in use is an emerging trend.

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To them, having a non-Korean or non-Japan look will make them to be highly regarded within the society. In addition to this, the lack of a Korean pop culture has also contributed to emulating western people. This is because of the fading of Korean characteristics which are being regarded as unfashionable and archaic and they are greatly disliked by a large number of young people which has caused the youth and middle-aged people to copy people from abroad as their role models and even though this is one way of appreciating their European culture, it has left people in Japan and Korea cultural captives of the United states and other European countries. This has gone to an extent that it has influenced the trending market for cloths and fashion, smartphones and cars.

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Those made in their countries are considered common and out of class. In general, the western beauty influence has induced a notion in Japanese and Korean females that for them to be accorded recognition they should work and improve on their appearance. Lip implanting This is also another emerging popular procedure in Korea and Japan that is aimed at boosting beauty among women as a result of European influence. This is mostly done through lip reduction for patients aged between 20 to 40 years. It involves making cuts at the dry-wet line followed by underneath to the inside of the mouth to make the mouth appear smaller. Those who undergo this procedure consider it as a way of transforming themselves into the modern-western culture trends that will make them more attractive in appearance because thin lips are largely connected to Western beauty styles due to a large percentage of Asians preferring general Caucasian facial features for example deeper eye sockets, narrow body features and thin lips (Li, Min & Belk, 2008, p.

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Their noses are broader than the Europeans’. Their desire to emulate the Europeans have led to them specifying for moderate bridged nose augmentations, narrowing of their nostrils, lengthening and also narrowing nose tips. All these will create higher bridge and make the eyes appear closer. Tip augmentation is another common component of an Asian rhinoplasty. Cartilage grafting from the septum or ears is best for this because it gives a natural-looking result that fits well under the skin. The desire to look like Europeans has led to many young Koreans and Japanese individuals to undergo practices that have not been practised in their culture to achieve their aspirations. Although some of these practices are not performed by people from Western countries, the Korean and Japanese have adopted them because it is only through them that they can appear westernized.

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