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The name of the company was extracted from a novel written by Dick Moby (Bondarenko, 2018). The company also had supporting entrepreneurs such as Peet Alfred. Peet was an entrepreneur who dealt in roasted coffee. He ventured into a business that involved the importation of coffee into the United States of America in the nineteen-fifties. This was about two decades before the launch of Starbucks. It will also look at the importance of the application of this application themes to the company. The paper will also develop a recommendation on the use of these perspective themes by Starbucks and other companies.   Initial development stages Dominating the world in any particular industry requires a company to have a friendly business environment. This is achieved by developing a positive relationship between the company and the consumers.

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In addition, the company also needs to nurture a positive internal environment that will foster productivity and excellence among employees. Being a marketer, Schutz began by training employees on the relevance and application of good customer service. He also applied the use of brochures to reach the customers (Bondarenko, 2018). These are examples of communication perspectives used in the initial stages of development of the Starbucks company. At the initial stages, the company had its branches in the United States of America. When the company started offering cappuccinos and expressos, Schutz wanted the customers to experience something he experienced when he visited Italy. Through the use of images with political themes, the organisation manages to give people a sense of belonging in the area of politics.

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Politics can be related to power. through the use of slightly higher prices, the foundation also manages to draw a distinction among its customers based on their purchasing power. This makes the company accessible to people in high social division. A few people from the middle social division can also manage to access the products and services offered by the company (Chang, 2014). Initially, consumers went for strong packaging. Currently, consumers have shifted their preference to packages that look appealing (Lowe, 2001). Restaurants can be packaged in two ways. The first method is to apply an aesthetically appealing design in the exterior face and interior design of the restaurant. Secondly, the restaurant can also offer food and beverages with a better quality. These three perspectives relate to the culture and mission of the organisation.

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By adopting a culturally based model of offering services the company manages to achieve its goal concerning the penetration of markets by adhering to the market cultural alignment. Secondly, it would be hard for the Starbucks to offer quality services without engaging its employees. Its employees are thus given the priority of shareholding. This makes the workers embrace the company and work with diligence since they have a share in the company. Other than embracing the culture of customers, organisations should also be diverse in the range of products they as Starbucks does it. Various markets have different characteristics. While some customers may prefer buying coffee from a shop, others may prefer preparing the coffee in offices or homes. Starbucks has cut across the market by offering the products and the machines used to make the products.

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This caters to the needs of customers with different preferences. No consumer, whether poor or rich, want to be related to ugly products. I, therefore, recommend the application of production methods that ensure the production of better quality of products. Retail shops and product packages should also be made in a way that captivates the attention and interest of customers. Conclusion Starbucks is a coffee company recognized across the globe for offering quality coffee-related merchandise. The company has been in operation since the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-one. Retrieved from: https://www. britannica. com/topic/Starbucks Chang, C. Y.  Visualizing brand personality and personal branding: case analysis on Starbucks and Nike's brand value co-creation on Instagram.  Communication Research and Practice, 2(3), 407-431.

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