Big business is hijacking our radical past

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and William M, Robert L. et al. have quoted Adam Smith, “ Nobody ever saw a dog make a fair and deliberate exchange of one bone for another with another dog,” he was talking in reference to the premarket economy in “The Wealth of Nations” Adam Smith argued that he has never seen two animals agreeing to carry out any transaction or exchange anything between them “Nobody ever saw one animal by its gestures and natural cries signify to another, this is mine, that yours; I am willing to give this for that. ” Adam was writing about a particular characteristic of human beings (Wise et al. p 30-44) Adam Smith was advocating for free trade or the exchange of goods and services for either other goods and services.

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These mass jogging of the merchants resulted in the creation of more stalls as well as providing areas where one could purchase purple dye or pepper. It also provided areas from where one could purchase clothes especially those woven from Tuscany. The travelling merchant resulted in commercial intercourse and commerce in Europe which had reached the point of stagnation. These movements at long last resulted in the economic interdependence (Robert, and William p. 15-17) Martin Luther King was seen as unfavorable according to a Gallup survey ("Big Business Is Hijacking Our Radical Past. More so, at the time of super bowl, the American Capitalism had outdone itself through recording and using one of the sermons that Martin had rendered concerning the values which were majorly mentioned as “Built to serve”.

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It implies that capitalism had itself thrown the hands to Martin, a man who it had one time loathed. However, although Martin had long dead along the transition period, we can argue that the process owed him less as compared to what his sermons advocated. About America’s marriage equality conversion, Madeline Davis who advocated for the gay rights says’ “People forget that this did not erupt wholly from the head of Zeus … Those of us who did work hard all over the country put in many days and many hours going through rejection. ” It implied that they experienced a lot of rejection from other people and the perception of the whole movement by other people were reduced to an individual level.

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It is as Lilian said, “To say I enjoyed making fires sounds rather awful,” She also added, “But it was adorable to find that you’d been successful; that the thing had burned down and you hadn’t got caught. ” Although suffragettes were described as “fanatical”, “wild”, “frenzied” and crazy by Daily Express as well described as “mischievous and foolish”, they mainstreamed their issues. They appreciated the fact that although they were not where they intended to be, at least they were somewhere, they could understand their efforts in bringing the change they were advocating. During the significant depression period, there was an outbreak of strikes and riots by the employers. The sufferings, unemployment and poverty during this period resulted in riots, protests as well as large-scale walk out that tool place across different occupations and industries.

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When the oppressed group become enlighten through these rebellions, they realize their rights which is more threatening to the ruling class. Most of the activists who stand in fight against injustice end up with such negative consequences in their life. Most of them end up being discriminated in the society and a times they are seen as the enemies of the society or country. They are regarded as anti-development in their society they fight all forms of injustices that are practiced by the ruling class. Some of these people were arrested and tortured under the influence of the ruling class. They have ended the discrimination that I used to experience almost everywhere especially in the work places. These rebellions have brought equality and respect to each and every person I interact with.

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