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During this era, he advocated for improved racial relations with much focus on the fighting for social development among the blacks. He also pushed for the creation of institutions that would promote race equality among the blacks and the whites. He also sought for economic independence among the blacks. Notably, his influence on the socio-economic development among the blacks portrayed his desire and commitment to need for racial equality. Booker T. He waited eagerly for the teacher in a quest to gain knowledge. Throughout his childhood, Washington was so busy, and it seems he had very no time to play like normal kids. His hard work forms the basis of his social philosophy. Finally, a school was opened at Kanawha Valley.

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However, his father in law discovered Washington’s’ financial value that he kept him occupied with work making him stay home. The knowledge of Washington’s biological father is unclear, but he lived with his stepfather obediently. Finally, Washington won and was given the opportunity to go to school at daytime for few months with the exceptions that he had to wake up early and work in the furnace and be back for more than two hours after school. He started creating more time for school. In the school, he noted that each student had two names and some three names and he figured out that the teacher would demand more than one name, so he came up with the name Washington (Washington 20).

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Afterward, he walked for miles to catch up with night sessions. At Hampton Institute, Washington faced struggled to live and school. He lived a difficult life in the institute, as he had no clothes and books. He had to wear clothes one cloth he had and still ensure it was clean as General Armstrong inspected them. Washington felt sad seeing he had no money to go home at the end of the year while students and teachers had gone home. He had to sell his clothes, but still, he did not manage to go home. He is not happy for the officials who managed to secure high positions even though they could not read or write. Washington leaves Washington DC, goes to West Virginia, and supports Charleston.

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This campaign made Charleston to win a government seat while it improved the reputation of Washington as a public speaker. In his heart, Washington knew he would win a seat but considered it a selfish act. Washington received a letter from General Armstrong inviting him to deliver a postgraduate address. This was one of the best moves to unity and show racial equality among the people of Tuskegee. Another avenue that promotes racial equity was a social gathering, schools, and in the meetings. The involvement in economic activities brought whites and blacks together. The buying of bricks was one of the activities that brought the locals and whites who did not participate in school matters (Washington 78) together. The whites changed to their view on the education of the blacks.

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The invitation to big events gave him credit and began to get fame in that crowd cheered at him as he was entering the stage. After the speech, the crowd gave hearty congratulations, and on the next day, people surrounded him to shake his hand (Washington 114). The people of Tuskegee waited and cheered him. The speech at Atlanta made a headline from north to south. This gave Washington fame that lectures and editors looked for him for the job. In his view, people should cultivate and cherish love, respect, and see themselves as foremost American citizens. Furthermore, blacks should work hard and not depend on relief. In addition, people should help those in need or weak in the society. The most outspoken contribution of Washington is when he confronted W.

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E. For instance, getting to a bachelors level is equated to getting good jobs with better payoffs. People are much specific in their need for higher education. People associate a bachelors degree to a good lifestyle characterized by million dollar payoffs. Washington sought for education to achieve transformation. The lifestyle of Washington and his family was not pleasing. Likewise having a college degree leads to better job positions. Another important idea is that of human nature. Having social connections with family members, community, and the people you meet affect your success. Life is full of obstacles that require mentorship and guidance. Young people have realistic dreams and ambitions. Work cited Washington, B. T. "Up from slavery: The autobiography of Booker T.

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