Breastfeeding vs formula feeding

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Therefore, they have to decide whether they will raise up their children using breast milk or formula feeding (Todd, 2018). Whatever choice is made by the mothers is usually subject to public opinion. Breastfeeding is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics because it is considered the best nutrition for a baby. However, there are also instances that formula feeding may be preferred. In this paper, these opposing arguments will be discussed by taking into consideration the views of Nivin Todd, 2018 in his article titled “Breastfeeding vs Formula Feeding. Also, it lowers the risk of baby constipation by the fact that it is easy to digest. Premise 3: The cognitive development of a person is a process that begins at the infantry stage of life (Todd, 2018).

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Study shows that breast milk helps in raising the intelligence of the baby in many ways and that breastfed babies have a higher level of cognitive function and this develops in them as they grow up. Premise 4: Subjecting a baby to breast milk may help in lowering the risk of sudden infant death syndrome in the first year of the baby’s life and this is an advantage that breast milk has over other formulas that are given to babies. These points that have been identified by the author to support breastfeeding as the preferred mode of feeding babies are strong as they are in tandem with the benefits that breast milk brings to babies. This helps in protecting the babies so that they are not exposed to any toxins that may be passed through to them as a result of the mother failing to watch they eat.

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