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Internal factors are the processes within the organization that the organization is able to control (Babatunde & Adebisi, 2012). These factors include the resources of the organization. Examples of these factors are the financial aspects such as the investment, the funding and other income sources, the human resources such as the number of employees The external factors, on the other hand, are those aspects that the company does not have any control over, these include the buyers or the clients, the trade unions that represent the buyers, the political factors, the economic factors, the legal factors, the technology and the social aspects. Three aspects which include the competition, the political environment, and the social factors will be addressed (Babatunde & Adebisi, 2012). Discussion It is clear that political factors do not favor some businesses.

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The competition will determine how the business will operate. One of the important aspects of the business is the pricing. Right price means that business will be able to make profits, it will also determine how the business fairs in term of competition. For more profit for the organization, it means that the business operates at a higher price and risk losing customers. Pricing strategies employed by the organization will determine how they attract new customers. On monthly basis, the junior staff accountant will prepare a compiled report on all accounting transactions of the organization. Qualifications Work experience The person is required to have a working experience in the department of accounting for at least 2 years or in a related field.

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Education The person is required to hold a Bachelor’s degree in accounting working experience in the department of accounting for at least 2 years working as junior staff or equivalent. Skills required The person must be computer literate with strong skills in the operations involving Peachtree and the Microsoft programs. He or she should have strong communication skills and interpersonal skills. They will act as indicators of performance. The main reason for the selection of the criteria above is because it can be used for comparative reasons and also for making hiring decisions (Baker, 2012) Part C Factors influencing employee’s motivation There are various factors that do influence the motivation of the employees, some of these factors include the following good working environment, appreciation and being recognized and also being allowed to do the work they are best suited to (Chaudhary, 2012).

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For an advertising company, there is need to allow the employees to do the job they are best qualified to do. The designer will feel free designing new adverts and programs that will win the clients more customer inflow into their organization. Various motivation theories have shown that by allowing employees to work in their field it gives them a feeling of self-drive and makes them feel in control of the process thus giving them a motivated attitude. In the same note, they believe that by such sacrifice they will deliver quality work and the organization will recognize the efforts and award them accordingly. For example, in advert industry, an employee is expected to be creative, if they create an advert that goes viral within a short while and they expect the organization to award them handsomely (Manzoor, 2012.

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The theory of equity- This theory emphasizes on the importance of fair treatment in the organization as part of the motivation. It suggests that good pay alone is not adequate to deliver motivation. For example, the inclusion of employees in the decision making and inviting them to organizational diners will be the fair treatment to them and will motivate them (Manzoor, 2012. The reasoning behind this is the fact that Julie's organization is covered by the act and has over 75 employees and the lowest requirement is 50. Julie has been working with the company for over a year which further strengthens her position under the cover. However, despite the eligibility that Steve faces, it is mandatory that the employer considers his position regarding the knee procedure.

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This is because mobility is crucial for the jobs in the organization and Steve will be required to move from one location to another. Therefore considering the two situations the employees have legibility to leave (ACT, 2013). Baker, J. The technology–organization–environment framework. In Information systems theory (pp. Springer New York. Sengupta, I. Covington, R.  Legal protection for the individual employee. West Academic. Manzoor, Q. A. Bakar, A. H. A. Effects of training and motivation practices on teamwork improvement and task efficiency: The case of construction firms.  International Journal of Project Management, 30(2), 213-224.

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