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The second reason why the American government is considered as a bureaucratic system is that it mostly support the decisions made by those in government. The system means that the entire government runs based on the office or agency of office developed rules (Aladesawe). The primary idea of bureaucracy was to develop the constitutionally supported rules of law as opposed to the corrupt arbitrary enforcement of the same (Lewisch 407). There is a clear hierarchy of authority in most bureaucracies, such hierarchies state clearly the hiring, firing, and promoting procedures in organizations (Page & Jenkins 59). The American government vests the same powers in the constitutionally instituted offices within its system. The inability to perform the same were the main reasons for the failure of the dynamic Chines and Roman bureaucracies.

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By ensuring that its people are safe from across the globe and making the American lives more unique as compared to everyone else, the American bureaucracy is further proved. Most bureaucratic governments had little involvement in the running of the economic affairs since the same was the responsibility of the various agencies and the private stakeholders (Lewisch 411). The same situation can be seen in the American governments through the number of agencies created to manage the various economic affairs. From the past few regimes, the presidency has had little to do in the direct management of most economic issues apart from legislation. The implementations of the management decisions are also based on the position one holds within an organization. This is also another strategy which is mostly borrowed from bureaucracy.

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