Caring Concept Analysis Using Walker and Avant Method

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This paper aims to utilize conceptual analysis to define the caring, its associated attributes, antecedents, consequences and draw a conclusion on the impact of the concept of caring on the nursing profession. Concept The aim of this analysis is to explore the essence of care and provide operation concept. Care is at the heart of the nursing practice. Caring is a complex process due to the demanding nature of the nursing profession yet it has the potential to influence the holistic approach to healthcare services. The concept of care is a dominant and unifying component in the nursing practice. The sociological perspective of care enhances the positive perception of the patient and nurse. The organization of the healthcare setting, quality of care and effectiveness of nursing practice has been greatly improved by the “care” concept (Graber & Mitcham, 2004).

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Care is important in satisfactorily meeting the stated and unstated physical and spiritual needs of the patient and accepting the perception and feeling of the patient without being judgmental. Nursing caring concepts enable patient to effectively reach self-management, corporate with follow up and plan of care as well motivate the nurse to response factor to the patient and improving their skills and knowledge (Hayes & Tyler-Ball, 2007). Defining attributes The concept of care presents a diversity of perception and viewpoint to an individual. Presence of the attitudes such as desire and willingness to help and commitment to providing quality care are necessary values that enable “care” concept. Model case A 58-year-old female black American female she spoke limited English is brought to the hospital.

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The well-wisher who helped her when she complained of feeling week and appeared ill. The woman appeared restless and tensed. She was hesitant in explaining her medical condition and resistant to getting medical help. After a comprehensive review of her health condition. She was disappointed that there was no transportation arrangement despite her reduced financial abilities as indicated in her interviews with the medical staff. A nurse showed her understanding and willingness to help by providing a lift and mobile access to enable her to connect with a working relative who took her home safely. The nurse helped make achievement of the healthcare outcome more efficient and increase satisfaction of the patient. Despite lacking the robustness of the model case attribute, this case shows some attribute of the care ion the handling of the patient.

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Observation of moral ethics and improved wellbeing invigorates a sense of purpose in life and fulfillment due to the heightened sense of responsibility and concern. Care improves competency healthcare staff, empowerment and enabling coping skills in handling the varied healthcare circumstances. Moreover, enhanced social outcomes, interaction and connectedness of the nurse with patients can be associated with the concept “care”. Empirical referents. The empirical instruments enable measurement of the abstract concepts (Walker & Avant, 2005). K. (2009, October). Nursing care: a concept analysis. In Nursing Forum (Vol. 44, No. Florence Nightingale on Public Health Care: Collected Works of Florence Nightingale (Vol. Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press. Hayes, J. S. Strategies for theory construction in nursing (4th ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Watson, J. , & Foster, R.

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