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Case management nurses play a significant vital role in the field of the healthcare by ensuring effective and quality health care services are offered to the patients. This is achieved by keeping in touch communication between the doctor and the patient together with healthcare providers such as insurance. Case management nurses have other various responsibilities which are acting as caring coordinators between medical specialist such as doctors, dieticians, and therapists. Besides, case management nurses do perform other activities such as conducting diagnostic tests, recording symptoms, and data collections on important signs observed from patients, (Huntley et al. Concerns about case management programs in improving the quality of care or reducing costs By my viewpoint, case management programs are more concerned with improving health care quality than focusing on reducing costs.

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Case management program has been significant in navigating health care of patients together with family members. This is achieved through the provision of coordinated care and efficient health care given to patients, ("Brad Lamm's Intervention. com Becomes First Intervention, Family Class and Case Management Group to Receive Joint Commission's "Gold Standard"", 2018). Limitations of a typical case management program and their strengths Case management programs have various limitations despite highly focusing on improving the health care quality of the patients. For example, case management programs can be easily influenced by unexpected aspects such as natural calamities and health conditions of the patients. One of the basic strengths of case management programs are that the increasing healthcare cost has been minimized contributing to improved healthcare quality which is more efficient and effective.

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This approach has been embraced by government, organizations and also individuals. Other strengths of case management programs is that case management programs are easy to execute due to its ability to consider the interests activities of the patients as the priority. Justification of Case management programs becoming medical program necessity in future. For the previous year since the establishment of case management programs, it has been significantly noted that systems of healthcare are continuing promoting goals and objectives of nurturing client loyalty; client contentment’s hence becoming more critical to the society. Case management programs are more concerned with improving health care quality than focusing on reducing costs. High-quality health care has been the central objective of the case management programs.

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