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Critique of the Introduction The literature review for the research begins with inquiries that catch the reader’s interest. Creswell and Creswell (2013) state that a good introduction begins with a expression or sentence that attracts and wins the reader’s concentration for the broad topic of the research paper. The formation of an interest by the reader will give them an insight to identify the problem of the statement and the researcher’s intent. However much literacy skills acquisition might be to the deaf children, most of them show a lower literacy level than their hearing peers. Creswell and Creswell (2013) establish that readers should be conscious of the concern that the researchers intend to talk about in their study. It further described the data collection approaches in significant detail.

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The application of the observation method through videotaping in a class of the deaf students was significant in data collection. The researchers developed a visual record that one can revise and analyze. The setting of this study was significantly described (a residential school for the deaf and a public school). Further, the researchers described the approaches of sample selection to aid the statistical analysis and interpretation of the study. There was a logical description and tabulation of figures in an organized and logical form. Besides, researchers revealed the differences existing between teachers regarding the use of ASL and English during the classroom instruction. Similarly, they discussed effect of the teachers’ beliefs, language, cultural knowledge, and school setting on their language behaviors during classroom tutoring.

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