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Such characteristics are only found with companies that have displayed high levels of performance regarding being disciplined to their working principles. One of the vital working principles that a company maintains is to ensure that all the employees within the organization get to experience the best moments even as they perform their duties. This is in addition to many other principles such as displaying high levels of production through their working and excellent giving back to the community. Kraft Heinz Company displayed most of the traits identified that a superb organization could identify with, a feature that made the company be acknowledged as a global company in the society. However, the company is faced with one major challenge that is significantly lowering its performance.

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Kraft Heinz Company provided to carry out several surveys, and after each study, there was an analysis made. The changes made ensured that each employee experiences some form of comfort. Encouraging free communication played a significant role in promoting free interaction and presentation of ideas; however, there was still some information that could not be passed through such kind of information. The company went further producing several suggestion boxes at strategic points that did encourage those filled with fear to find an opportunity and express their minds. The levels of criticism from employers that the employees received went down, a factor that did encourage moist employees to experience the courage and express themselves in the several team meetings that were called by the company.

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The result was that most employees ended up experiencing love even when corrected on some working. The levels of comfort of operation also went high and the company embraced accuracy. The production and reputation of the company are expected to go high and growth of the business will be unstoppable. Conflicts that may arise due to organizational changes Open communication was one of the significant ways that were used in ensuring that the comfort of the employees gets to rise to another level of operation. The interaction plays a role in providing that each person gets to express the feelings about various issues in the company in addition to bringing over new methods of operation. Despite communication been free and encouraged, there were too guidelines set that ensured that communication was done in an orderly manner without interfering with the daily operation of the company.

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However, despite the management playing a significant role in setting the guidelines, some conflicts arose between the managers and the employees when the communication was overdone among the employees. Idle sitting was embraced by most employees who did not love to be at work claiming to be handling vital communication. In addition to that, some staunch information that had to be dealt with care was not correctly communicated and finally led to the occurrence of conflicts either between the employers and the employees or among the employees. The team-building meeting needed free communication of ideas and many had to present their ideas company management. Since each company has to grow in one aspect of operation or another, change in one of the aspects might introduce discomfort to some of the employees and may significantly interrupt their format of working.

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Therefore, it is the responsibility of the company to give a proper explanation to the employees before implementing the change. Kraft Heinz Company ensured to take that step of giving explaining the need for the comfort of each employee in the company. In addition to that, it did demonstrate the need for the economy to grow in its production in the society. After the proper explanation that the primary target is to ensure that the employees experience comfort, the individuals who will suffer discomfort will have to adjust to the given conditions. The neutral individuals were also given an individual explanation to ensure that they get to understand the change and also work on it. The employees who did advocate for the change were also encouraged to evangelize the same among the fellow employees.

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Some of the workers on seeing that there are people who are in support of it, they ended up changing their way of thinking as they discovered the positive nature of it. In the process of implementation of the change, there are expected times when there will be the misinterpretation of the placed change in the operation of the company. Some of the members of the organization might misuse some of the changes for their gain rather than for the benefit of the group. Apart from the intranet, other online forums such as the WhatsApp groups played a significant people on ensuring that the communication gets to get to each other person within the company. In addition to that, such online forums gave people the confidence to express their feelings regarding the changes and in the case of adjustments needed, they were made appropriately.

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