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For anyone who has ever been on a bicycle, you can bear me witness that in case one part of the bicycle is missing then riding that bicycle will be the hardest thing on this earth. Social institutions are norms and subsystems that are established to support the overall survival of each society (De Vaux, 2010). They consist of many people who have come together from different parts because they share a common purpose. These social institutions can be termed as the parts of a bicycle, which in this case is the society, and are responsible for holding the bike together and facilitate the smooth running of the bike. Social institutions in any society have different purposes and importance. Some of the importance of these institutions include the provision of roles for each in a family, supporting other institutions, establishing some permanent behavior in a society which in case they are not followed will lead to devastating consequences to the person breaking them. Satisfying the basic needs of every society and finally defining the social values that are dominant in a certain society are other purposes (De Vaux, 2010). This can also be called the bill of rights of society. There are five basic social institutions in every society or which are mostly studied in sociology. These institutions include religion, family, politics and government, and education. Each of these social institutions has different functions in the society (De Vaux, 2010). If we look at the videos provided, we can deduce the social institution it addresses.

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Body Why more Americans are living alone The social institution being addressed by this video is family. This is because it basis its arguments mostly on the reasons people are not in families. The mention of divorce, widowed and the fact that in Saudi Arabia people don’t live single especially the women since they do not have that freedom is clear evidence that the video is based on family social institution (Films On Demand - Video - Why More Americans Are Living Alone. n. d. From this video, it tends to explain more about why most Americans tend to live alone. The start of this video explains ways in which the numbers have changed from 1950 to current day. The number of people living alone has increased. This is very evident since all the videos could be seen to be in the form of a church.

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The mention of the names of the Catholic church, bishop, cathedral and many alike are clear evidence that the social institutions being addressed is religion. The video describes the things that happened to the swastika and the church which includes dividing people and then ordering of the swastika to be removed from the church (Films On Demand - Video - Symbol: Should We Still Fear the Swastika? n. d. This is because different sources believe the swastika to be a symbol of Lucifer. She is now named as the bravest person in the world. Power can be said to be the ability of people or a person to influence others while influence is any behavior a person exhibits with the aim of altering the attitude and behavior of another person. In the three videos discussed above, we see that all the videos are meant to influence the behavior of another person (Bijker et al.

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In the video of the girl changing the world, she has influenced the attitude of even top government officials towards changing their attitude towards the girl child education all over the world. This can be called assertive type of influence where there is the use of vocal confrontation to change the attitude of people (Films On Demand - Video - Unbreakable: One Girl Changing the World-The Story of Malala. The second video can be said to use the conflict perspective. This is because of the mention of the division of people due to the swastika, and the final video uses the interaction perspective (Films On Demand - Video - Unbreakable: One Girl Changing the World-The Story of Malala. n. d. This is visible in that this young girl was confronting the beliefs that a woman should only stay at home and those who set those rules face to face.

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