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Such activities include sports and physical exercises. Active leisure can also be called a recreation activity. Both types of leisure activities are important for college students (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015). The rigorous nature of the higher education institution creates academic pressure and stress. Thus, every student needs a way that he or she can relax from the issues that arise from education (Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, 2014). The schedule above indicates an overview of my weekly schedule. Some of the activities are important and I hardly miss carrying them out. However, there are those activities that are tentative and they can be easily replaced with a different form of leisure or recreation. As a student in college, it is often difficult to determine exactly how one can carry out their leisure activities (Verde, Modi & Cappello, 2014).

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Thus, most of the time I end up with random plans, especially on Friday and Saturday. My typical week depicts that I have enough time to easily balance my school time as well as my social time. Almost each day of the week I am able to squeeze even an hour for leisure or recreation. Most of my leisure activities involve hanging out with friends or spending time with my family. My recreational activities are usually jogging or going to the gym. I know that as a young adult I have the power to choose how to spend my free time, therefore, I always opt for positive and constructive activities. From my time map, the social factor of structure is evident.

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Days such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are the days when I have to spend hours in class. Such periods limit the time I have for leisure and recreation. However, another form of social structure is seen when I spend time with my family. Despite this activity being leisure, I cannot do what I want. I prefer positive building activities since I want to grow and develop healthily in all aspects of my life. For example, on Mondays I always jog in the morning. I find this recreational activity very refreshing, especially after I take a shower. This exercise not only improves my physical health but it also prepares me mentally for the busy day ahead. Recreational activities that involve physical exertion are often beneficial to college students.

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This period gives me the chance to catch up with the family and also find out about how the week has been for everyone. I also get to talk about my academic life and some of the problems I have encountered. This period helps me to receive emotional support from the family and I am also offered guidance and advice. Such moments are important for any college student since it helps in handling stress and the pressure that comes from university life. Social Imagination Sociological imagination is the ability of a person to think about their regular day and try to reason how each social activity interrelate with one another (Mansfield, Ducharme & Koski, 2012). Once I am through with this break, I attend a few classes before meeting friends.

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This leisure activity is something I always look forward to since I am able to spend over four hours with a fun group of friends. Most of the times I try to observe my friends using the same sociological imagination and attempt to ponder how our social lives are intertwined. We usually meet and then decide on the activity that we will do. The range of the activities vary from simple ones such as going to the movies or more active ones such as Laser Tag or bowling. This characteristic is important to any college student since it helps in making the right judgment, especially when it comes to how one spends their leisure time. I tend to value my subjectivity.

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