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The best sales tracking method allows the salesman to easily find accurate figures, enabling them to execute their duties efficiently and the relevant information at their fingertips. It is always important to translate the handwritten data into useful digital record for future reference purposes (Johnston, 2017). Losing a major sales deal can be painful and demoralizing. Although it is always advisable to move on, it is important to analyze the root cause of the loss. Identifying the underlying weakness is important in determining the critical areas in which the sales can be boosted, and learning vital information about the major competitors (Greco, 2018). The organization sends a questionnaire to sales leads that were not successful and follows up with an interview. The resultant data is thoroughly analyzed and tabled before the organization for further actions.

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There is a grading prospect based on seven criteria that is used to analyze the data. The data available can easily be used to track the current sales while helping the organization to determine the desired targets. It is important to note that the targets can only be set when the sales department have the current sales data. Failure to record every single sales data can result into sales tracking breakdown in future. Explore Competitors Strengthens Another principle in this win-loss analysis strategy is that, “Avoid asking why you lost the deal, ask why they won”. Asking why you lost may not be helpful since the client may decide to keep some information confidential thus it is important to find out why your competitor closed the deal.

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The price to value comparison should be the first step in finding out why the client preferred to award the competitor. One can also ask the open ended questions regarding the competing products. It would be much better if they tell you about your positioning in the market spheres. Finding out how the organization is perceived before you conduct any business transaction is also critical (Pelham, 2015). Examine whether their perception changed during or after the transaction. Finally, ask the client whether they would recommend your organization to another company. Take the Sales representative out of the Equation At the end of the process when the win-loss questionnaire has been returned to the organization for analysis, it is the time to request for an interview.

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