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For instance, some organizations prize the inclusion of their employees in all aspects of operations, while other organizations have a top-down approach to management. Creating a plan without taking this cultural background into context can be problematic for the success of a change initiative (Marković, 2014). This paper will be an analysis of the change management plans at Kingdom Holding Company based in Saudi Arabia. It is critical for an organization to develop an evaluation of the cultural background of its employees before determining the most appropriate change strategy to apply. This will help in that the employees and staff in general will readily accept the change proposal as it is in line with their cultural precedence. It gets to a point in a business where there is need for the transformation of how business is done.

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With an effective organizational change management plan in place, the process of change shall be effectively managed in any given organization. The mandate of the management is to ensure that they minimize risks and that they keep the present systems up and operating. Change through its definition requires the creation of a new system which shall in turn demand some element of leadership to be executed upon the system. Change is an inevitable process that cannot be ignored by any given company that has the desire to expand and spread its branches wide (Zogjani & Raçi, 2015). In fact, they would even find it very difficult to explain to the board of directors in the event that a change that seemed to be successful is seen to change significantly (Bejinaru & Baesu, 2013).

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The mandate of the organizational leaders is for the communication of the change process to the employees so that they can get to understand the change process that is being undertaken in the organization. A change management process need to ensure that there is adherence to the culture of the organization so that the employees could easily fit into the change process that is being pursued by the organization. Some of the cultural factors that influence the development of change strategies as well as the implementation of change plans for this organization is the influence of Islam religion. The cultural values in Saudi Arabia and especially in most of the Arabic countries are believed to be shaped by the religion of Islam (Danks & Allen, 2014).

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