Chaplin Charlie The Gold Rush Analysis

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There is the aspect of taking a risk by the cabin to symbolize the element of taking the risk of the sought. Hence there is a chance of survival or perishing at the edge of the cliff. Risk taking is therefore symbolized in the day to day activities. In most cases, one ought to take a risk in life to get rewarded. Their maybe hard moments but if the end has a reward, it’s worth taking the risk. When cyclone appears, her house is raised into the land of OZ and landed on top of the Wicked Old Witch of the West. In the land of OZ, her dog Toto started an adventure to return to Kansas. The first ally of Dorothy is Toto; it is a suspicious tiny dog that is careful and also intelligence.

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He is sensitive to the new character, especially in the Cowardly Lion. Toto symbolizes the protector of Dorothy. She possesses strong listening skills, especially to his friends. Symbolically, all Dorothy`s friends remain throughout the quest, and she is offered both and require not to select. Lastly, Dorothy has the lion as an ally too. The lion symbolizes the element of strength, toughness and one who dares to do anything. In the land of OZ, the danger may be roaming his family yet will be endangered thus for the courage he possesses, it is evident he will strive to keep his aunt and uncle safe and secure. Red in many cultures symbolises different elements like love, danger, good luck and conflict among others.

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The red shoes, apart from being just the fairy tale of a pair of enchanted shoes are a symbolism that makes Victoria possess about single-minded pursuit of art. The red shows end in destruction because it cannot be taken off, but Victoria should dance till her death. Hence there is a conflict of choosing between art and her love as both mean a great deal to her. This shows the dark recesses of all the dangerous, glorious, vivid absurd, imaginations and terrifying by turns. Scottie and Judy returned to places where they used to visit with Magdalene illustrating his cycle of obsession. They return to these historical sites again and again. Judy Barton became of a bystander of emotions and feelings and symbolizes.

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