Characteristics of an Effective Teacher

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“The behavior of an ineffective teacher has a deleterious effect on the work of others and also damages the school’s reputation” (Jones, Jenkin & Lord, 2006). This definition of effective teaching done the right way can be considered through the ways that the teacher plans each lesson and prepares the environment meant for classroom learning. Through first creating introductory rapport with the students, the teacher can thereafter ask appropriate questions and continually build a relationship of trust and respect with the students. This cultivation of respect and trust allows the teacher to bond with the students in ways that will make for a better learning environment and improving on the learning experience. “The effective teacher touches the lives of students” (Anderson, 2009). As such, the evaluations given illustrate the understanding of the lessons by the students to be one that is dependent on their individual capabilities and intrigue.

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“An effective teacher can avoid devaluing messages, may make decisions to motivate the students and can overcome the pitfalls of excessive authoritarianism and permissiveness” (Gordon, 2012). Intrigue cannot be cultivated through constant punishments and dictatorial relationships in regards to the teacher-student interpersonal connections. In allowing the students enough room for comfort in regards to cultivating positive bonds, the teacher will, thereafter, effectively build on a culture of curiosity as the students will not be afraid of asking questions. To sum up, the effectiveness of a teacher lies in their ability to align what they decide will be the lesson plan according to their understanding of each student’s individual skills. Hammond, L. D. , Bransford, J. & LePage, P. (2005) Preparing teachers for a changing world: what teachers should learn and be able to do [p.

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