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On the contrary, some nations have decided to allow minors to opt for euthanasia when they feel that their illness is causing them discomfort. One of the nations’ believed to allow children to opt for the approach is Belgium. This essay described child euthanasia, its background, advantages, and disadvantages as well as counterarguments and refutation of the practice. Background Information Child euthanasia is a form of mercy killing that is applied to children deemed to be suffering from significant or serious congenital disabilities. In general, the life of a newborn is believed to be in control of the parents. It became the first nation to allow child euthanasia without putting any limits on age (Watson, 2014). The Netherlands allows for the practice of child euthanasia, but it has a certain age limit.

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For instance, although the country allows child euthanasia it limits the patients under the age of 12 to opt for euthanasia. Child euthanasia is deemed illegal in the Netherlands for any individual below the age of 12. Contrary to this is the fact that some nations and states are opposed to child euthanasia. Physical pain is not the only kind of suffering that the children have to overcome when they are ill. Children have to deal with the unbearable mental suffering that is hard to alleviate. Thus, the only way to help the children alleviate the mental suffering is through child euthanasia. Although some of the children might not understand the meaning of child euthanasia, they might have the desire to be free from physical and mental suffering.

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Thus, the advantage of child euthanasia is its ability to end the suffering of the children struggling with serious terminal health conditions. They do not have to wait until they are weak to die but rather they would prefer to end their life at a time when everyone will remember them as strong and capable. A child with a few months or days remaining to live would opt for child euthanasia to avoid appearing weak and sick before his or her friends. It is imperative to understand that not many people want to be remembered as being weak and sick by others. People want to ensure that they are remembered as lively individuals by those left behind after their death. Further, a child is likely to die with their dignity and as beautiful as they were before their sickness.

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Additionally, children believed to be suffering from their ailments can be pressured to end their life. Vulnerable children will be exposed to the pressure of ending their life. Children who feel that their life is worthless are likely to see euthanasia as the only best solution. People are likely to give up on treatment to end their suffering through euthanasia. Further, there is a chance for the commitment of care providers to be minimal due to child euthanasia. The kids might have the thought that euthanasia is best for them as it ends their pain and suffering in the world. However, they do not understand the consequence of their action. Children have a life ahead of them that they deserve to live and enjoy despite the defects they are born with (Feinberg, Feinberg and Huxley, 2010).

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Child euthanasia is a form of mercy killing that can make some of the children feel worthless. When children learn that other kids are opting to end their suffering through euthanasia, they are likely to see themselves as worthless people. Also, child euthanasia helps the children to avoid a life of suffering (Appel, 2009). It protects the children from discriminations and mockery from other kids that feel they have a better life. Children born with congenital disabilities are likely to struggle with physical and mental suffering. Thus, to help protect the kids from such pain and suffering while trying to live a normal life with other kids, it is best to opt for child euthanasia. Conclusion Child euthanasia is a form of mercy killing that is believed to have advantages and disadvantages.

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