China and the united states trade relations

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However, this relationship has been troubled because the population of China is still growing, while the fact that the country is not a member of the world trade organization, an institution that manages all the trade affairs in the world. This organization has the role of dealing with any disputes that can emerge between the trading countries and hence the conflicts between the two states are solved publicly with a lot of negotiations (Ademola, et al. Trade facts between the two countries In this case, we look at the volume of imports and exports that the states made with each other over the past recent years. Research indicates that in 2017, the goods and services that the US traded with China totaled $710.

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4 billion, with more of the imports to the country than the exports. Machinery, aircraft, fruits and seeds, electrical equipment and vehicles are highly imported and exported goods to and from the states (Ikenberry, 2016). The economic importance of the trade relationship between the two countries The trade partnership between China and the US is of great importance. As earlier stated, the number of imports and exports to and from the countries has created a high number of job opportunities for people all over the world. The employment of the jobless people in the 910,000 opportunities created would imply that this would reduce the level of unemployment in the country (Ray, 2016). This means that the people employed would rely on themselves instead of depending on the other people.

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