Chinese emigration to america

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The most important reason that made the Chinese first come to the U. S was the economic constraints back in China, they were under the British after they defeated them in the 1839-1842 Opium war. What factors led to the enactment of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882? In the late 1800s, a thousand settlers moved to the West to search for Gold. This marked the period of reconstruction. When the Gold rush came to an end, many temporary immigrants left but the Chinese and others remained. Why did tension between the U. S. and Japan lead to the attack on Pearl Harbor? The tension between Japan and the United States were mounting for over a decade, and so war was inevitable.

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Japan attacked the Pearl Habor because it wanted to destroy the fleet units of the United States. Destroying this would lead to the prevention of the Pacific fleet interfering with the conquest of Malaya and the Dutch East Indies to make Japan conquer Southeast Asia without disturbances. S territories and so were degraded in the camps (Hirasuna 1944). On the other hand, DPs in Wildflecken and Aschaffenburg lived a relaxed life in the camps and had access to various forms of entertainments. The camps were polished and accommodated people of class. How the DPs were taken to the camps was to protect them from the effects of the war, and they were respected while for the Japanese Americans were taken in as foreigners in a powerful way and were termed as strangers.

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