Civil Rights Activism Essay

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C in August 1963. they protested for the law banning racial discrimination, especially in public accommodation and employment. President Kennedy supported the protest to enacting the bill on discrimination. It was during this protest that Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech “I HAVE A DREAM”. His speech has since been among the best ever orated in the 20th century. This speech begged the African American to not give up and not to react with violence as he believed things would change as the federal government will certainly make the necessary changes for the future of the nation. Earlier in the year, before the demonstration, the country had experienced a series of events that had left the nation scarred. For instance, the Birmingham police under Bull Connor fought peaceful demonstrators in the streets of Alabama which king referred as the most segregated ("Kennedy's New Frontier”).

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This came across as more than 60 houses were for African Americans homes and churches were bombed and the cases never solved. Consequently leading to change of direction for King and the African Americans. Most African Americans had been denied the right to vote as the southern states had already put up literacy tests and discriminatory poll taxes which allowed a small number of African Americans to vote. King organized a protest march from Selma to Montgomery. He was protected by the orders of President Johnson National Guard from the police who had caused harm in their earlier protests in Alabama. The demonstrations were successful as a new bill was passed. Works Cited "Gains And Pains [U. S. History Online Textbook]. " http://www.

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