Climate change Predictions and solutions

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Based on some studies and scientists analysis, I believe that the weather predictions compliment the other existing predictions. All the climatic changes are related to each other and that it has a domino impacts. A good example associated with the human-generated problems is the massive use of carbon fuel which leads to global warming. There is thermal expansion as a result of rising on the average temperature. Consequently, expansion is experienced on sea water as a result of water heating. 2018, https://perc360. com/climate-change-impacts-predictions-solutions/. Accessed 19 Apr 2018. Mozell, Michelle Renée, and Liz Thach. "The impact of climate change on the global wine industry: Challenges & solutions. Developing countries must develop without necessarily omitting into the environments. Certain costs should be imposed to the industries emitting carbons gases in an attempt to lower their emissions, (Jonathan, 34).

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