Collaboration in Walmart

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It is important to note that collaboration is assumed to occur internally in the organization. This is needed to ensure that the various aspects of the organization are well coordinated. However, what is not obvious is the collaboration that occurs at the external level to further the goals of the investigation. In the internal base, collaboration is done through the various main functions that are central to business. These include the finance, marketing and operation functions which are central to the development of any business. Lack of coordination often leads to misaligned goals which can erode the value of the organization. Collaboration thus ensures that the organization is capable of not only meeting its basic goals which are availing goods to the customer but also achieving greater goals exceeding the said function.

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They are able to go out of their way to achieve social goals, philanthropic commitments among others (Wang et al. , 2015, p. These are enabled through the external base of collaboration. , 2018, p. The producers thus rarely engage with end organization directly but have to pass through the supply chain. In the middle of all this the legal ramification that influences the choice of collaboration taken. The legislation is key to collaboration since it is not voluntary. It has to be fulfilled involuntarily which makes lobbying an important aspect of external collaboration. However, such a function demands a lot of collaboration since it is counterintuitive to normal operations. The supply chain is amplified as each node in the chain adds its value addition and price.

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