Comic books and the American culture during 1930s and 1940s

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During this era, comic books favored varied ages and were therefore not limited to children. This follows the cultural content and relevance of the books during historical markers such as the World War II and the great depression (Brinkley 576). Comical materials are America's original creation and therefore correctly source the cultural heritage of the Americans. The popularity of these books dates back to the 1930s when they overshadowed the satirical productions of the time. Their primary feature was the incorporation of extensive colorations and a pragmatic approach to the current events of the time. This was explicitly related to the period of the great depression where economic uncertainties thronged the country. These books made people forget their tribulations momentarily. An excellent example of the comic books of the time is "Famous Funnies.

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" It greatly helped in easing the weight of tough economic times off the shoulders of the Americans. There were tales that connected America to the lands far away in an amusing manner (Brinkley 576). Several people afforded the books which sold more during the war period to the adult population. This is because they could relate the happenings to the written content. Cultural values of the American people are displayed in superheroes. There are changes in the kind of cultural intents. The great depression considerably required an extraordinary dedication towards rescuing the situation in America. Soldiers were greatly inspired by the comic books, and that contributed to their will to conquer and overcome. Conclusion In conclusion, the golden age era marks the period when the comic books gained popularity in American history.

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