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The paper will give more insights into the importance of communication concepts and serve as a guide to college students who are about to get into the challenging work environment. The career in discussion here is counseling. This is a career in which the counselor offers oral therapy to the clients in guiding them to make the best decisions, overcome negative emotional feelings or overcome psychological issues. The communication concept that will be discussed in this paper is the interpersonal relationship. The paper will show how important relationships are to the counseling career. Personal characteristics of professionalism, friendly and approachable nature, self-motivation, and organized individual due to the schedule evident with this career. The interviewee discussed the struggles and challenges of counseling.

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She advised that one has to be ready to face and overcome whatever challenges that come on the way. She also advised on the importance of communication in this career. Adequate communication with various stakeholders is thus vital. Communication with clients is a sensitive matter as it largely determines the success of the counselor to handle the situation. Various aspects of communication are employed in counseling. Listening is important in this career. One has to have efficient listening skills to be able to effectively get information from the client. Information that will enable the counselor to offer counsel to the client. On the other hand, personal relationships are the close connection between various people that is formed by a bond either through close interaction or emotions.

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In creating a relationship, Knapp's theory of relational development indicates that there is an initiating phase in which the parties creating a relationship get to interact for the first time. Then they get involved in activities or common experiences that seek to build a bond. Then the intensifying stage in which the bond is strengthened. Later comes the integrating stage in which the parties have built a relationship. The parties agree to move forward having a good relationship with each other. The models discussed here are key to the way a relationship is handled (Hocutt, 1998). The concept of a relationship is important in understanding and enabling better communication. For any communication, a good relationship is necessary. It is easier to have a communication with parties that are in a good relationship than with those either having a bad relationship or no relationship at all.

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This will enable the counselor to best help solve their challenges. The skill of creating good interpersonal relationships is thus vital in the career on counseling. Activities in the career on counseling are vast. Examples of such activities include having a session with students in which advice is given to them on the careers to pursue. In creating a good relationship with the students, this advice can easily be relayed to them and the students can easily be persuaded to follow the advice. To enable even better interpersonal relationships in the profession of counseling, some strategies need to be applied. These strategies include holding regular informal meetings with clients. This will enable the clients to be at ease and free to express their concerns.

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