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In turn, customer loyalty is influenced by customer satisfaction. The chain also showed that customer satisfaction is influenced the service value within the organization. Ultimately, service value is delivered by employees who are loyal, productive, and satisfied (Haskett et al. This chain has been used by organizations worldwide to ensure growth within their market segments. Sephora adopted the service-profit chain as it sought to reestablish itself amid the growing competition in the beauty industry. The company has been rewarded in terms of growth that can only reflect its profitable nature. Employee Motivation Closely related to the service profit chain aspect is employee motivation. Employee motivation contributes to their ability to offer valuable service to customers (Haskett et al. Communication plays a significant role in employee motivation.

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As a result, leaders and managers should be aware of the role of communication in motivation and use it to their advantage. Similarly, such quality conversations between peers lead to the development of stronger relationships. These conversations include aspects such as compliments. Complements, from a manager or leader, are essential in boosting the self-image of an employee, and in turn, their motivation. Employees are able to perform better in the event they are assured their efforts will be recognized by their superiors. Employers can ensure they develop quality communication channels with their employees through various communication tools. In addition, it may be challenging for a senior member of the millennial generation deal with a junior member of the Gen X. Whenever conflict occurs between members of the older generation and those from the younger generations, individuals from the older generation tends to revert back to the difference in experience between the two and demand for their way to be adopted.

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This is a classic example of destructive criticism. There are various techniques that can be used at Sephora to promote constructive conflict. These include improving the trust between employees, ensuring the distribution of power within the organization is distributed among all generations that make up the workforce, and promoting the need to share in the company’s goals. The most notable involves the company’s plan to change how it awarded loyalty points to its customers. In a bid to grow a customer base and maintain customer loyalty, Sephora initiated a loyalty points program. The program was intended to award points to customers for every purchase they made at any of their stores or through their online stores. A customer would be allowed to collect the points and redeem them at a later date for beauty products at the store, as well as other merchandise offered by the brand.

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In November 2014, the company locked out numerous customers from their accounts during a bi-annual private sale. Such instances are to be avoided in the event the company is to improve its handling of issues and crises in the future. Poor communication during a crises leads to unsatisfied customers and a sharp decline in the company’s customer base. Communication in New Media The digital age is upon the world and every organization is expected to adopt the changing landscape in communication. The advent of social media was focused on connecting individuals through various platforms. However, over the years, organizations have bought into the efficiency of new media, and in response, these platforms have changed to accommodate the business community. An additional occasion was in 2017 when the company changed its loyalty points, award and redeem system.

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The company failed to offer a decisive explanation to its customers opting to refer them to a poorly written communication on the issue. New media requires more care due to its instant nature and global reach. Organizations are required to ensure they are prepared for any communication that may arise with specific interest to crises situations. Organizations are also expected to train their employees on new media and ensure they are able to meet the demands of their customers. The confidence project allows the organization to offer beauty training to the transgender community. The Sephora Sustainability project is aimed at supporting environmental projects (Fluke, 2018). The company has dedicated social media accounts through which it communicates its CSR involvement. Future Recommendations The future of communication at Sephora is dependent on improving the quality of their current systems.

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