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Most of them cannot afford a home as the housing income needed to afford a median-priced resident in the State of California is about $450,000. However, most people earn less than $ 80,000. Notably, it is established that 16 out of 25 communities least affordable communities in American are in California (Ray Area Real Estate, 2017). Real estate developers have maintained that they usually leave out the working class who have to commute hours to work in the city of San Diego. To combat the housing crisis, there was a proposal in 2017 to construct a mixed-use community with 2,100 new homes on a parcel of 1,900 acres of land (Ray Area Real Estate, 2017). In this case, the target is to support building of affordable housing so that low-income people to afford them. The rationale for this target is that there are forces against the construction of 2,100 new units in Newland Sierra.

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As a matter of fact, environmental groups and local opposition have already threatened to sue the development of the Newland Sierra project (Ray Area Real Estate, 2017). Thirdly, during conflict organizing the target is pressurized. Various tactics can be used to put pressure on the goal. In this step, those who do not support the affordable housing can come to terms as they have lost the battle (Green & Haines, 2016). The final step is victory. In this step, the public is told what was agreed upon. In this case, victory would be claimed by organizing a meeting with the citizens of Newland Sierra. In this session, they would be informed that affordable housing will be built in their community and bring the issue of unaffordable housing to an end. The next step would be to build relationship with people internally and externally so that they can participate in making housing affordable (Green & Haines, 2016).

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I would also invent win-win projects. Moreover, these projects would benefit both sides, which include those who want affordable housing and those who are not for the idea of affordable housing. Nonetheless, I would create an action plan. The action plan could be developed in a bid to make sure that the internal and external partners love it and want to be a part of the project. It is mainly associated with self-interest, which is in a bid to achieve a goal which is common (Green & Haines, 2016). It also entails a win-win situation in which the decision reached benefits both teams. Thus, it is more practical compared to conflict organizing, in which there is no win-win situation as only one side of the team benefits. In Newland Sierra, the people can respond more to consensus organizing because the method is more lenient compared to conflict organizing.

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As a result of this, more relationships can be developed in the process of making housing affordable in the community. Consensus organizing mainly builds relationship among the people and conflict organizing uses blame, anger, and embarrassment strategies to solve a given issue. Both methods can be used to solve the housing problem in Newland Sierra, San Diego, California. When using conflict organizing, the first step is to identify the specific issue affecting the community, which the lack of affordable housing. The second step would be to develop a target, which is to support the construction of housing in the community. The next stage would be to impact pressure through use of humor, catching one off guard, and the use of embarrassment. Gaetano, N. California housing crisis affecting middle class the most: Is The System Broken? Bay Area Real Estate.

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Retrieved 7 February 2018, from https://ninosrealtynews. org/2017/12/15/california-housing-crisis-affecting-middle-class-the-most-is-the-system-broken/.

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