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This pattern of hiking salary of one class of workers has triggered a lot of discussions among the American citizens who think that the rising tide should uplift all boats as the economy expands. So, they suggest that both classes should reap the benefits gender notwithstanding. Additionally, they propose that the situation should embrace the two and half decade beginning 1940s where workers pay rose in tandem with productivity. In a nutshell, workers, pay should correspond with the economy of the time in that when the economy is efficient, worker’s benefits should correspond with the economy. This essay will entirely address issues concerning gender compensation disparity in workplaces and other related issues. According to these sources, the pay disparity is not completely bad as it appears but when looked from Tournament Theory point of view which is an economic idea, this disparity enhances the value of job promotions (Mihaila, (2016).

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So this factor motivates employees more and as a result, the company productiveness increases. On the other hand, there are other business scholars who are against the proponents of Tournament theory, they justify their dissenting opinion by relying on Equity Theory. This theory suggests that salary disparity generates a sense of unfairness feelings. Such feelings lower employees’ morale and willingness which may negatively affect the worker productivity. Additionally, it’s of value to note that despite the fact that in some instances men’s advanced wages are justifiable, societal injustices that come with discriminations have taken root until the affected class of workers don’t regard the advanced wages they are entitled to as justified but rather rewards for being of male gender.

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So for this case, women feel neglected and left out because they are of female gender despite being qualified as men in the job. Positive Aspect of Compensation Disparities As noted earlier there are a number of justifiable reasons why the two classes of workers should be treated differently. According to studies, for instance, the level of education between the two classes of workers may contribute in determining the amount of pay a worker is entitled (Cobb, 2016). For example, one worker may be holding a certificate of an advanced degree which the other one lacks, and this fact may give reasons why the worker should be paid a higher salary than the other. Usually, it’s job content that establishes whether jobs are substantially equal as oppose to job titles.

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Federal laws provide that individuals who are engaged in a kind of a job that requires equal skill, responsibility and same conditions be paid equally. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1994 prohibits discrimination of employees based on race, gender, color, region and other sorts of discrimination at workplaces. Salary increment should always be justifiable in the sense that it's done competitively and if it’s done this way, it can boost the employees’ morale and make promotions sensible. Negative Aspect of Compensation Disparities According to a report associated with Stanford University Review, indicated that when there is a huge gap between top and bottom earners tends to water down workers’ morale and job satisfaction. According to Shin (2014). This strategy main purpose was to give the authorities relevant information which will aid it in streamlining the system.

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There are various ways to justify the salary gap between the two workers although there is a thin line between the award being legal and illegal. So the process should be done carefully to avoid being seen as discrimination. One of the processes is that the salary award should apply equally to all employees of that level or class. Without harmony at workplace then it will be difficult for the institution to realize its goals. A business environment dictates that each worker’s input should be taken seriously since it can affect the overall outcome. So, if all the recommendations are implemented, the company can compete with its rivals in the business without falling back. So men and women should be treated equally to bring some harmony in the workplace environment.

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