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The major differences between Eastern and Western Europe are that Eastern Europe is made up of countries that were under the Soviet bloc, unlike the Western European. Economically, Western Europe is more advanced compared to Eastern Europe. 1Western Europe regions include southern Europe, British Isles, Central Europe and Northern Europe while Eastern Europe regions include, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Ukraine, Romania and much more. The labels of the regions are generally used for identification and also serve as traditional labels for various geographical locations. This paper will investigate the differences between Western Europe and Eastern Europe by looking at two states or regions from both sides, precisely, Northern Europe from the Western category and Ukraine from the Eastern category. Northern region peripheral isolation from other Europe and the division by water bodies from other regions enabled the preservation of northern culture for many years.

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It has also shaped various societies which now exist in Northern Europe (Sogner 1993). The governments of Northern Europe are much concerned and gives priority to education, social concern and human rights which puts them at a higher rank on global rank criteria. Northern European countries have exploited various opportunities and their natural resources to expand their economies. Evangelical Lutheran Christianity mostly dominates the religious culture of Northern Europe. 5Apart from Russia, Ukraine is the second largest physical area in Eastern Europe. A description of the people, culture, and traditions of Ukrainians will provide a better understanding of the Eastern European culture and ways of life ("Eastern Europe - New World Encyclopedia" 2018). The population of Ukraine is estimated to be 77 percent being Ukrainian, and only 17 percent is Russia.

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Ukraine gained independence following the downfall of the former Soviet Union in 1991. After its independence, Ukraine has since veered towards seeking closer connections with Western European countries and moving into the orbit of Russia. Important things such as Marriage and family creation have a strong significance on the people of Ukraine. Family traditions are often accompanied by many rituals and rites that contribute greatly to the creation of authentic Ukrainian culture. 7 Traditionally, marriages in Ukraine were being arranged by parents ("Ukraine Culture & Traditions" 2018). History defines Ukrainians as being agricultural, a factor that can be attributed to the fertile nature of land in the region that supports crop production and animal keeping. Apart from agriculture, Ukraine also supplies steel pipe as raw materials to Russia (Minnich 2005).

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1 They have had democratic opportunities to elect their leaders in what many would consider free electoral process. A myriad of differences can be seen between western and eastern Europe. The differences can be viewed regarding the culture, geographical location, economy, politics, and other aspects of life. The two regions consist of nations that enrich the diversity of Europe. One major difference is that Eastern Europe is made of nations that were under the Soviet Block unlike in Western Europe. Aspects such as culture are likely to change as a result of influence from industrialization, contacts with other nations, economic and political freedom. However, Eastern Europe is less industrialized, they have had political influence from external politics especially during the cold war.

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