Comparison of Socio Economic Trends Between the Northern and Southern Colonies

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The first colony was Jamestown and the colonization was coordinated by London Virginia Company which was looking for gold (Facing History and Ourselves, n. d. First years of colonization were full of deaths from disease and starvation. The New England Colonies had a strong culture that was based on Christianity. They were organized into large families governed by the Puritan law where any contraventions were punishable by death. Thus they adopted other methods in order to flourish (Maddox, 2007). These options included the adoption of fishing and looking for raw material that was not dependent on farming. Some raw material were fish, whales and certain types of trees and animal fur, all of which were traded for food. On the contrary, the southern colonies basically depended on tobacco and cotton plantations.

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They had good climate that was complemented by rich soils thus ensuring farming of tobacco all year round. Young men were expected to use knowledge gained through education to work towards a political or religious carrier. Whereas the Southern colonies people only concentrated on plantations no emphasis was given education. The communities in the northern colonies lived close to each other in town centered settings, they were also united by the common religious goals that they had. On the other hand, the southern colonies communities were scattered and separated by plantations. Northern colonies heavily depended on importation of manufacturing products as they lacked locally produced raw materials. Both colonies had royal governors who controlled and ruled the colony. Also, both colonies had the law that stated that the first child was to inherit everything from his/her parents.

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