Component in the Performance Management Process at the Balme Library That Has Not Been Implemented Effectively

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362), prerequisites are the required conditions of an organization that must be implemented…and they are stated in the mission statement of an organization. Bates (2005, p. 362), further states that prerequisites are also important because they state the main purpose of an organization and the way in which an organization should pursue its goals. Prerequisites are among the major components that any organization should not lack as far as the success of their work is concerned. They serve as a condition that has to be followed for something to happen. Impact of the Poor Implementation of Prerequisites Poor implementation of goals The poor implementation of these prerequisites has a very negative impact on the whole performance management process at the Balme library. According to Brink (2008, p.

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200), lack of prerequisites in an organization makes implementation of goals difficult. Hence an organization would not be able to meet its goals. An organization might have set goals, but without a plan, the implementation of these goals can be difficult because there are no clear methods on how to implement them. This is due to the fact that planning depends on prerequisites in terms of job description, before it is implemented. This would finally lead to endless user complaints out of the poor service delivery by the library employees, who are not aware of their responsibilities and roles in the library. Their work is therefore not up to standard. Solution/Action to Be Done To Improve the Implementation Of Prerequisites 1. Perform an effective job analysis.

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