Comprehensive Fitness Program for 12 year old Kid

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Enhanced physical fitness improve body balance, muscular coordination as well as sleeping habits and patterns (OT Mom, 2018). It is important to get the training regime right from the start. A well-planned fitness program is critical tool in the obesity treatment and prevention. Careful planning and establishment of gradual and achievable goals is critical in meeting set fitness goals. The design of this program will ensure that the 12 year old maintain healthy body that enhance their performance in future life. Getting a friend to tag along the exercise is essential in providing emotional and social support. During this week, scheduling possible training location spots such as the garden, indoors and outdoors is essential to ensure breakdown of monotony. 2 Lose weight- combination of cardiovascular and strength training.

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The initial activity should be the child’s favorite to ensure that he stay motivated. Such as Bike riding or playing favorites outdoor sports.  Next week target Increase intensity of the simple exercise from moderate to high. Improved cardiovascular and control increases metabolism which burns more calories 3 Lose weight: combination of aerobics, polymeric training and resistance training  A combination of medium and Vigor aerobics exercises (60 minutes) Increase motion and endurance through exercises such as hopping, skipping, speed hops (10) Barbell front squats 5 reps for 3 minutes with a 1 minute rest between reps. Frog squat jump 5 reps 3 sets • Plyometric Push-Up to Squat. 2 reps 2 sets Increase tempo by encouraging the child to move as fast as they can through the process can help in burning calories.

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 Continuous monitoring of the progress is crucial in making the right adjustment as the body responds to the exercises (Baquet, Van Praagh & Berthoin, 2003). Conduct exercises without injury with concentration on control and stability training. As highlighted by Kravitz & Heyward (1998), It is necessary to develop fundamental fitness, flexibility and resistance prior to participation to in high intensity activities such as football. 5  Improve general fitness: Balance training  This is a continuation of the last week activities with special target in the upright body posture and steady frame. Sandrey & Mitzel (2013) notes that methodical stability activities targeting the child core muscles as well as back muscles are appropriate in improving power and core stability (266). Activities involved include standing on one leg for a period and increasing the intensity and duration of each exercise to build resilience and stability.

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6  Recovery time  Giving the muscle and joints adequate time to rest and recover after intensive workouts. This is very effective in rebuilding torn and healing muscles. It is always beneficial to break and do other things apart from physical fitness. A training regime that focuses on getting to know each other can help achieve fantastic results.  During period rethinking the analyzing and rethinking the workout plan is advisable. Moderate hill sprinting and speed swimming. Increase time duration in repeating these exercises and addition of complex movement to pose is a good indicator of excellent progress by the child.  It is critical to improve the core muscles and legs muscles of the kid as young footballer. The repetition scheme and intensity will test the body responses to the exhaustive drills as determiner of the body’s torque and ability to explode with power a key trait if good footballers.

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Next week target Increase intensity and quality of workout Identify lagging body parts and develop them; areas that require more strength should be involved. 30 minutes aerobics Planck based toe balanced squatting 3 sets 7 reps. jerk lifts 4 reps 10 reps  Developing a consistent challenge such as training for an event can help the child maintain the gains made in the last 12 weeks Summary of the plan At the end of implementing the comprehensive physical training plan, it is expected the child will report improved health, performance, attitudes ab body balance. Reduced body weight and excessive fats is essential in promoting body confidence and self-esteem. Enhanced body aerobics and stamina will enhance the 12-year-old child engagement in football. This is due to the increased muscular strength and coordination of the body muscles and energy (American academy of pediatrics (2015).

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