Conditions for Sustaining Research Based Practices in Early Reading Instructions Article review

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The article highlights that there are several challenges facing public schools ranging from high teacher turnover rates, insufficient certified number of teachers at learning centers and inadequate leadership as well as guidelines. According to the report, students are constantly subjected to poor learning environments, inadequate facilities, and inadequate trainers to attend to them fully. The document with the aid of supporting material proposes a list of critical conditions to sustain research-based learning. Recent consensus and reports from research in the article indicate that research oriented practices in early education helps in the identification prevention as well as correction of learning challenges in young children. The article documents dome of the methods, practices and simulations carried out in Houston and in Washington DC.

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As a result, the authors suggested that use several research techniques available and approved to identify those students at risk. The article indicates that there are several converging reasons that point to reading failure in young learners ranging from challenges in vocabulary, phonological challenges as well as identification of letters or sounds. The authors suggest that intervention and full correction of the problem depends on the time of identification of the problem. Early detection warrants high chances of correction as opposed to late detection. The authors intimate that variables determining the success of early intervention success include assessment of intensity, the timing of the intervention as well as the level of supportiveness from the educators. Over the decades however, the article intimates that there has been a lot of research into designing one of the best research based approach to early childhood raining.

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