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As a result, this paper will seek to shed light on this issue which has been an issue in the world especially in the United States. However, in my part 1, I clearly gave my stance that is wrong to abort. In addition to that, the reasons why I took this stance are clear. They are in the ProCon. org; • Abortion is murder. • The choice of reproducing does protect the women from the possible financial disadvantage. Unfortunately, the reasons for the abortion mentioned above seek to ruin the state of the society at large. The reason number one urges that the reproduction choice empower the females since it gives them control over their bodies. This aspect is undoubtedly wrong since no one knows what would happen after that act.

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In other words, women are being given the right over their bodies to harm themselves health-wise (Shakir & Moreec-Ruiz, 2014). In addition to that, during the analysis the reasons for and against abortion, I experienced some biases. As far as the reasons against abortion are concerned, it shows discrimination to get rid of a fetus who deserve to live their life. As far as reasons for abortion are concerned, talking of "financial disadvantage" being a reason to abort shows biasing in that it insinuates "poverty. " In general, the populace is made of low-income earners, middle class as well as the rich. Unfortunately, the low-income earners make up the biggest part of this populace. It has also pointed out three reasons for my stance from the ProCon.

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