Conflict examples and conflict management styles

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conflicts can be external of internal. An internal conflict is that which an individual experience within themselves. External conflict on the other hand is that which an individual experience between themselves and other people. However, this paper will look at external conflicts. Conflicts Conflict 1 One conflict that I would like to handle is the constant disagreement between my sister and I. My colleagues seem to have less duties and leave work before me yet our salaries total to the same amount. Another thing is that despite working overtime hours, my supervisor does not account for them yet other employees in the university are compensated for the overtime hours they work. Even though I make sure to do my duties quickly, to be able to leave early like others, she always adds some more duties.

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When I confronted her, she told men that the letter of appointment I signed requires me to do the duties listed and any other duty assigned. She therefore told me that I had nothing to complain about. I need to learn more on the styles of handling conflicts. Knowledge and skills for conflict management The following approaches will be good in solving future conflicts. a) Collaboration This style is a win/win strategy. The strategy ensures that both parties are satisfied with the issue at hand. One of the things that takes place is an open discussion about the issue at hand and suggestion of all alternative solutions. c) Avoiding This approach involves avoiding to make decisions on the conflict. It is necessary to use this approach only when the issue at hand is of low importance to all the parties involved (Mossanen, Johnston, & Green, 2014).

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