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Congestive heart failure can be termed as one of the important causes of individual hospitalization, re-hospitalization as well as the death of a number of individuals. Reducing the rate of admissions caused by this disease is considered a national priority. To achieve this goal varying devices used in Tele-monitoring as well as other programs have been developed by the healthcare delivery systems. The system of Health Connect has incorporated the ability to monitor physiologic data together with the regular appointment providers who do it virtually. Research question How has the new growth and advancement in Health Care delivery systems aided in the reduction of the admissions and re-admissions of individuals suffering from congestive heart failure? Literature review The use of Ibopamine has had severe effects on patients suffering from congestive heart failure.

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Congestive heart failure is in most cases accompanied by co-morbidities leading to an increase in the mortality and morbidity rates as well as impairing the quality of life of the individuals. A study was undertaken to determine the prevalence, regional variants, determinants as well as the prognostic implications that co-morbidities have on patients suffering from congestive heart failure (van Deursen et al. The study involved a total of 3226 participants suffering from the disease. The co-morbidities put into consideration for the study included; stroke, diabetes, anemia and kidney disease. Prognostic implications caused by these co-morbidities were taken into evaluation through the use of risks attributable to the population. Apart from this, patients from the intervention group also received video calls on a weekly basis in which they would discuss on health-related matters such as healthcare issues, compliance with the prescribed medication as well as their visits to the health care delivery facilities.

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The patient's follow-ups from the two groups were office-based scheduled within two weeks, three months and the last visit during the sixth month after the first consultation was done. During the follow-ups, the data from the patient was reviewed by either a physician or a nurse with great expertise in the field of cardiology. Any data that seemed out of the normal lead to consultation with a cardiologist in order to have an adjustment in the medication provided. Readmission of the patients in the hospitals was documented using interviews as well as reviewing medical records that had been done electronically (Bradley et al. However, the difference was not quite significant between the two groups at the intervals of the 3rd and the 6th months.

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These differences were noted for patients on both the cardiac as well as those on non-cardiac readmission. In addition, all-cause mortality rates were equal between participating patients from the two groups during the entire period the study was carried out. Discussion The development of the healthcare delivery systems through the technologies in telemedicine, as well as the Tele-monitoring, has been done to aid in a wide range of interactions between the healthcare providers and the patients. In a home setup, a device such as the Tele-monitoring device has been used by patients with various chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. An appointment done virtually fosters a conducive environment in which the patient's empowerment is encouraged through its ability to offer an opportunity that is ideal for such interactions.

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Virtual appointments can thus be said to aid in transforming basic Tele-monitoring into telemedicine. Implications of the data The data acquired implies that even though the advancement in technology and devices used in the healthcare delivery systems especially on patients suffering from congestive heart failure, non-adherence to the medically prescribed regimens still remains great issue among the patients. A study carried out recently demonstrated that the rate of patient's non-adherence to the treatments prescribed to them as a percentage of 65%. The effects associated with this non-adherence leads to a significantly high risk of mortality levels as well as hospitalization as a result of cardiovascular-related diseases. , Horwitz, L. , Sipsma, H. , Wang, Y. , & Walsh, M. et al. Ibopamine in very severe congestive heart failure: a Pilot hemodynamic invasive assessment.

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