Human Trafficking and Health Care Organizations

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Human trafficking has evolved to include various industries like the health care industry making it even harder for victims to be found. The health care industry can be used when the traffickers have people inside a health care facility or just as normal patients with fake identifications. Human trafficking currently is done with aims of extracting body parts for sale or for modern slavery whereby the victims will be working for their buyers (Budiani-Saberi et al. These facilities are used to perform various surgeries for organs or to treat the trafficking victims. Human trafficking makes health care organization be unethical and fail to deliver their main service of saving lives instead they be the cause of deaths (Davidson, 2010). Potential Risk of Human Trafficking on a Health Care Organization Human trafficking risks the jobs of health practitioners in health care organization settings since it is an illegal business and when caught they cannot be allowed by law to practice their professions anywhere.

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Employees are also at risk of being incarcerated, various cases of health care employees were jailed for helping in human trafficking have been reported, and most of them are given the life sentence. If the entire health care facility is suspected of being involved in human trafficking, it can be shut down by either the public through demonstrations and riots or by the government. This will affect the customers who depend on the health care facility for treatment and the employees because they will be unemployed. Human traffickers are normally the worst criminals who have no mercy hence the health care employees are at risk when dealing with them because they can be killed or harmed when something goes wrong or when they deny repeating the business or do it at the first time.

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Health care organizations should have frequent training programs to equip its staff with the relevant skills to be able to notice the characters of a trafficker or how to analyze the information given by the patients to study trafficking patterns (Isaac et al. For instance, a trafficker may not have sufficient information of the patient hence he or she can give information that contradicts itself or need fast services going to an extend of bribing, the physician should raise the alarm immediately. Hospitals should pay their employees handsomely such that they will not have the greed of making money using illegal means. Lack of enough money can make employees consider helping traffickers to make more money. Role of the Health Care Managers in Human Trafficking Issue Health care managers roles in reducing human trafficking in health clinics are simply by ensuring that the organization does what is expected that is treating patients and not doing other side businesses.

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This affects the service delivery of the health care organization and risks the jobs of the workers. Clinics should upgrade their security, change their strategies and seek help from other public agencies to curb this illegal business. Managers should ensure that they are very keen on managing the health care organizations to ensure human trafficking is not done under their nose and to ensure they are not the first to help in human trafficking. Human beings should have the right to freedom which is abused by human traffickers and offense that should not be forgiven. Health care facilities should understand that they are vulnerable and are used to risk lives instead of saving lives then they strategize on how to ensure this never happens in their facilities.

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