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Consumer Rights Act Goods to be of Satisfactory Quality. In section 2 of the Consumer Rights Acts (2015), consumers have a right to goods of satisfactory quality. Consideration of the state of assets is adequate if they meet the needs of a rational individual by examining the description, prices of the product any other relevant characteristics. The quality of goods includes their states and condition. It should be taken it account; how to fit the product is to serve all purposes that the outcome of that kind are usually served, the appearance and finishing should be as desired by the consumers, the item should also be safe to use and durable without minor defects. Goods to Match Copies Seen or examined The article applies to a contractor to provide products by referring to a copy of the assets that are carefully looked at by the buyer before the buyer chooses to purchase the item.

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Each agreement made by the consumer and the trader that applies to this article is treated to include terms that the products will be similar to the copies apart from scenarios where the buyer is informed of the differences between the models and the products to be brought before the consumer chooses to buy a product. Consumer’s Rights to ensure agreements on conditions of goods Section 22 to 24 of the consumer’s rights refers to goods complying to a contract concerning; the products fulfilling the terms described in sections 9, 11 and 12 of the Consumer’s Rights Act, and the rights of a consumer to reject assets that do not meet terms described. The consumers have the right to deny acceptance of products that do not conform to the terms and conditions stated in the legal agreement between the customer and the trader in the business.

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However, the consumer cannot reject goods if there was no explicit statement of words during their convention. The manager did not conform to section 2 © of consumer rights by providing chairs that could not be moved quickly. Also according to S. 19 of consumer rights that indicates that; goods should match the sample. There is an exception of the instances where the trader notifies the consumer the differences between the items displayed and those to be purchased before the buyer decides to buy. The goods should also be without any faults that makes their quality unpleasant to the consumer and that should be real as it seems. From the consumer enforcement powers in Consumer Protection Enforcement Guidance (2016), the notice in Home Space Limited Premises stating ‘there is no replacement of goods or refunding money to customers under any circumstances’ is invalid.

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