Conviction of Adnan Murder Case

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These factors include the legal framework and court procedures, utilization of forensic proof or evidence, law enforcement, psychology, as well as human behavior. One of these factors played a crucial function in determining the final outcome of Syed initial murder case. Based on legal enforcement, the two detectives, MacGillivary and Ritz who conducted Adnan`s murder case showed a lot of flaws in their investigation. Firstly, they failed to conduct an interview with the right witnesses to Lee`s murder such as Asia McClain who was with Syed in the school library prior to the murder of Min Lee (Koenig 30). She was the right person to be interviewed since she was in a better position to provide an efficient account of where Adnan was when the murder of Lee took place.

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This shows that racism and discrimination still exist and the police accused Adnan due to his religion as a Muslim and his status as a Pakistani immigrant in the US. The authorities, therefore, looked down upon Adnan as being part of a minority group in the American society. The police department followed unlawful convictions via depending on significantly flawed investigations. This was achieved through cutting corners and hurried to judgment. The police department consistently requested the forensics lab to avoid testing evidence because the police believed that testing the evidence will influence their investigation. The two prior calls made were routed via the same tower, as well as an antenna. Adnan`s story indicates that he did not have his cell phone from lunchtime to around five pm when the calls were made.

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Based on prosecution evidence, we can understand that Jay borrowed Adnan`s cell phone twice; from midday to 3. 45pm and from 4. 30pm to 6. It is also concerning that the only detail that Jay could recall was that the call was made to a girl who was residing in Silver Spring. The prosecution described Nish Call as “smoking gun. ” This is because it was the only strongest proof that they used against Adnan although in a real sense the call did not offer anything substantial. If there was any evidence to prove that there was a phone conversation that occurred between Jay, Adnan, as well as Nisha after the murder of Min Lee, then we would expect one of the three parties to remember at least one of the details which can be verified involving the conversation (Golob 137).

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None of the parties could recall if there was a call made to Nisha. She resigned a year later after the conviction of Adnan for first-degree murder because the state appellate court ordered Cristina Gutierrez “disbarred by consent. ” Therefore, this influenced the defense attorney`s effort to seek justice for her client and contributed massively to the conviction of Adnan for murder case of Min Lee. A lot of questions arise concerning her competence in trying to defend the accused. Ms. Gutierrez also failed to ask for a plea bargain for her client even after Syed asked her defense attorney to communicate to the prosecutors. Furthermore, Syed first trial that took place in 1999 concluded in a mistrial. This is because, during the court proceedings, a juror heard a trial magistrate call Syed`s defense attorney as a liar.

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This prompted the juror to hand a note to the magistrate requesting defendant lawyer to be replaced because she was a liar. The jury questioned the credibility of the accused lawyer and this could have influenced the final verdict of the trial judge. The selection of the jury in this case also raises more questions concerning the provision of a fair trial to the accused. ” Therefore, the prosecutor inspired the jury to focus on the ethnicity, as well as the religion of the defendant as the main factor for the occasion that had happened. A fair and reliable jury would have overlooked the race of the defendant and assess the facts. Therefore, the initial jurors did vice versa. They looked at Adnan as Muslim and instantly believed that he was able to commit murder due to his nationality.

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The jurors also believed that if Adnan was to be released or freed, he would make efforts to escape to his home country just like how Brown escaped when he was freed. If the investigators could not have a self-interest in their vetting, then their investigation could have been carried out thoroughly, therefore avoiding cutting corners to get the substantial evidence which could build the case against Syed and could possibly lead to fair trial, as well as the conviction of the defendant by the jury and the judge. The defense attorney has a lot of stress in her preparation of the case and examining the accused and the main witness Jay who testified against Adnan. This is because she has issues with her health since she was suffering from sclerosis and she also had other personal problems which affected her efforts in defending the accused.

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