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Grief takes a short time after losses a loved one but she is still traumatized two years after the death of her mother who she says was largely unavailable (Otte et al, 2016). The feeling of being out of place has caused her to think that she is unwanted in her family and this is what made them send her to a boarding school at the tender age of five years. She also laments that her parents had once told her that she was born at such a time that they did plan or want to have a child. Dineo grew very angry and cut her relationships with close friends and teachers, this happened when her parents were not able to fulfill their promise of visiting her occasionally at the boarding school.

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She also behaves abnormally when she goes on to cut little groves on her forehead as a way of cooling herself down. Another symptom of MDD is losing interest in activities that one used to enjoy. Dineo from the case study felt demotivated and apathetic. She loses interest in her studies and finds it hard to cherish her friends anymore. This was after she informed her father on the achievement of 78% in her course. Her father responded in a disappointed tone saying that she was 2% below an 80% and that2% below an 80% and that the mark was not good enough. This is because of Dineo some symptoms of detachment from reality. In the case study, while she was studying she hears sounds of crows and birds laughing at her for being a failure.

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Another symptom of bipolar is the possibility of excessive involvement in potentially reckless activities. In the case study, we see Dineo admits that for her to feel alive again and connected to people, she used to have casual sex. This act made her feel as though she matters. Core symptoms that the patient does NOT meet The core symptom that Dineo misses is the agitation and irritability. The most critical information that I would love to know have more is on the loss of weight. Was Dineo eating or not? And how does losing weight come out and how? 2c. Any other factors given in the case study that lends support to your chosen diagnosis such as etiology The most prominent feature that lends support to the diagnosis is the constant anger and sad that Dineo shows.

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This ranges from anger triggered by her parents by telling her that her birth was not planned for and the many unsuccessful relationships that she got into. It usually occurs in about 7 percent, particularly after 5 episodes of depression. This mostly leads to a bipolar disorder diagnosis instead of depression for the reason that the current diagnosis of MDD shows the nonexistence of mania. Bipolar disorder may possibly grow as a response to anti-depressants treatment because bipolar symptoms are related to the side effects of anti-depressants treatments such as psychomotor retardation and oversleeping. Best course of treatment There are several options for treatment that Dineo can consider such as; • Anti-depressant medication • Psychotherapy • Electroconvulsive treatment I would recommend a combination of psychotherapy and electroconvulsive treatment because a study conducted in the U. S.

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M. Barbour, K. A. Hinderliter, A. Exercise and pharmacotherapy in the treatment of major depressive disorder. Kessler, R. C. Berglund, P. Demler, O. Jin, R. Penninx, B. W. Pariante, C. M. Etkin, A. J. Endicott, J. Maser, J. Solomon, D. A.

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