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Well, this might be true, but he is just another statistic of a young man full of ambition that was able to rise from nothing through all ranks and eventually conquered half of Europe. All through his childhood life, Napoleon had to fight his way to survive, mostly because he came from a poor home while most of his schoolmates in The École de Brienne came from rich families. He was often mocked by the rest, the language barrier did very little to help and this could have explained why he developed some of his characteristics and was only trying to be defensive and survive since that was what he had to do in those early days. Napoleon as a child was a very private and a closed person.

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Anyone whose idea of him is just as being the "short, tempered maniac" is very wrong because we all have our flaws, don't we? History Well, we all have our beginnings, and Napoleon Bonaparte was not any different. This was despite the fact that his father and mother were very respected as Louis XVI good subjects. At only nine years old, Napoleon was sent away from his family to join the military school. He, however, showed no sadness or remorse even after his father said his goodbyes in Paris where he was left to begin his training. He was a well-known mathematician, who was once recorded as having calculated a miller's work off the amount of water-grinding per hour. This was later reflected when he joined artillery where he had to tackle pages of calculus, physics, and science; he passed it all and at the age of 17 (one year earlier than other students), he graduated.

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Napoleon publicly punished his soldiers whenever they stole figs from trees, by having them march the entire day in circles, wearing a dunce's hat which exclaimed, "I stole a fig". this showed how much he cared for the civilians too. He, unlike other ruthless commanders, never executed his troops for no reason. When he did, he did it to prevent murder, rape and any other ill intentions on allies and civilians who were innocent. Like any other commander, Napoleon needed to be ruthless at times on the battlefield, but even though, he still showed that he cared and that whatever happened to them affected him. To further demonstrate his love and concern, Napoleon fought for his wife even when she could not get children and everyone else was against her which posed a problem to his political life.

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This was despite the fact that Josephine at first did not love him at all and cheated on him countless times. At some point, all facts as to why he needed to divorce her were presented to him by Joseph "Jackass' Fouche, who was the police chief, but he refused and got very mad. The fact that everyone wanted him to do away with his wife Josephine annoyed him and seemed to trigger part of his injustice detector. He kept postponing the divorce proceedings until he could not and he still felt awful about it, even long after it was done. Therefore, Napoleon as a person was caring, aggressive yet well-mannered and respectful of those in the higher ranks. References Betros, Gemma.

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