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Despite the fact that the company is able to provide job opportunities to locals, ensure clean environment through garbage collection, the company still face challenges of employee recruitment, selection, and retention of better employees. There is numerous quest to carry more researchers on best ways of recruiting, selecting and retaining employees as they are the main determiners of high-level performance and quality service delivery in every company. The main purpose of this proposal is to help the company in boosting and providing efficient ways of selection and retention of better employees as well as equipping the company with recommendations prior to their implementation which enhances the company successfully achieve its goals of maintaining quality and consistency. Strengths and Weaknesses of Alamo Waste’s current recruitment, selection and retention efforts. Just like any other company, Alamo wastes company carry out SWOT analysis to identify company’s strengths and weaknesses and in this case in the human resource sector. The following are the company’s strengths and weaknesses as far as employee recruitment, selection, and retention efforts is concerned. The strengths of Alamo Wastes Company is that it offers job opportunities to the local community and hence curb unemployment. The company currently has three hiring managers who are responsible for recruitment and selection of employees. The manager's review applications, check backgrounds and contact the referees so as to inquire more information about the applicant. Each hiring manager prepares interview questions for a brief interview of the shortlisted candidates for their selection. Once the candidates are selected they are taken through training by the company so as to educate them on their safety precautions and incorporate them to fit into company's system.

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Another current company’s strength is that it upholds employee discipline and decency. During recruitment and selection period, each applicant should produce a certificate of good conduct that is always acquired from the police headquarters of criminal investigation offices. The main aim of producing a certificate of good conduct is to ensure that every applicant shall have no criminal record. An applicant should have no visible tattoos and this promotes decency. The need of upholding decency and discipline of the employees in their recruitment and selection process is to enhance teamwork between employees as well as ensuring maintaining and improving customer relationship with the company which is one of the focus of the company. In addition, the need that every worker to work with the company should be able to communicate is to eliminate language barrier that might arise between the crew themselves or in a case when communicating with a customer.

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Therefore with these strengths, the company is able to put in place efforts of retaining better employees as well as execute proper recruitment and selection of qualified employees and hence upholding company's goal of ensuring quality and consistency. In addition to already discussed strengths, the company offers a 5 percent increment for all employees after completing their first anniversary. Such salary increment is a source of motivation to new workers as they will stay focused and dedicated to their duties until they finish their first anniversary so that they earn the more money. As a result of the nature of the job, some of the employers walk away and hence calling for the company's management to make regular recruitment or basically hiring process. Therefore there is need to address these weaknesses as well as maintain and improve strengths in order to ensure efficiency in service delivery and other developmental aspects of the company.

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And thus better future employee recruitment, selection process, and retention efforts. Appropriate approach to recruitment The best approach to recruitment that meets the needs of Alamo wastes and Disposal Company, should put in consideration qualification of the applicant and competency together with the demands of the company in terms of its objectivity and goals. An integrated approach to recruitment is the best approach to be implemented by the company in the hiring process as it comprises of two or more recruitment and selection approaches encompassed altogether. et al, 2015). Step one chooses a recruitment strategy. Welcoming more candidates into hiring process creates more options for filling opens positions and thus allows more room for optimization hence quality hire. Sources of recruitment can be person to person, traditional recruiting, and internet-based recruiting. The second step is measurement and assessments.

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The company should offer training to the recruiting and hiring managers. The aftermath of recruitment is the selection process which involves tedious and time-consuming strategies of choosing high-performing candidates for the company. The company is then required to offer training to the responsible team for selection, for example training them on how to prepare interview questions as well as the best way of rating answers to those questions. Through training selection staff, it creates more effectiveness and efficiency in the hiring process. Changes that could be made to the environment to improve retention of employees. Also, the management can take into consideration good ideas to be helpful to the company. Therefore open communication lines and feedback provided to employees is an example of a well and a high-performing company which embraces effective communication and improves employee retention.

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Fostering teamwork and employee compensation. Every employee should have full knowledge on the benefits they entitled or eligible in the workplace. For instance, Alamo wastes and Disposal Company being one of the largest means it is competitive in the labor market and therefore is should implement reimbursement strategies to its employees such as paid time off, health benefits and this will automatically boost employee retention in the company. A good track record of employees in the company will promote a continuous productivity. References Hardison, C. Lim, N. Keller, K. Marquis, J. j. ctt14tqcrt. Bobo, K. Pabellón, M. Hiring Great Staff.  Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, 49(4), 635-648. Retrieved from http://www. jstor. org/stable/24546969.

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