Critique of New Jersey City University School of Business

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Its students gain skills ranging from finance, accounting, management, marketing, entrepreneurship to economics. The university offers certificate programs, degree and masters to qualify students all around the world for undergraduate and postgraduate levels. NJCU School of business provides business programs that are recognized and accredited by legal accreditation council. This, therefore, means it’s recognised for its excellence in teaching and learning approach, and that students gain the right skills that employers need. The business-oriented institution has launched a program to create startup businesses and small business development centres to offer training to their students and to create local jobs. NJCU School of business has over time changed its mode of operation from school-based to social media platforms. This has made work simpler for its students and manageable to the administration. Of the social media platforms available, NJCU has official accounts on Facebook and Twitter. It also has an email and cell phone numbers for every department for enquiries without necessarily being physically present. It also advertises its course outline and programs offered on youtube. To critique the university; several factors have been taken into consideration, including the institution's logo, its social media presence, its service provision strategy on an online platform and a suggestion of a more straightforward more effective way of improving on its daily business online. The university, a business incubator is more popular on Facebook and Twitter and even has official accounts on both platforms. It also advertises its courses on youtube but has no formal account.

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It, however, doesn’t brand itself to Instagram and telegram users. Facebook is the most popular of all social media sites. It’s easily accessible and has millions of users all over the world. The website allows registered users to send messages to receive world news and have online conversations through 37 different languages. It offers online technology platform, members with a common interest can create groups and interact. It also allows institutions and public figures to create pages to attract Facebook users to their institutions. Twitter, on the other hand, is a social network service that allows registered users post short post called tweets. It has a google map showing the location of the school and adjacent roads. On the other hand, it uses its Twitter account to advertise its strategies and forthcoming events.

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Twitter allows for interactive conversations among administration and students through hashtags. The business centred institution uses youtube as an image-boosting platform as it uploads videos of its alumni who are excellent entrepreneurs and also undergraduates who have a positive feeling about the institution. Youtube has also been instrumental in the school to explain the nature of courses it offers and enrolment dates and fees. On Facebook the institution has 357 likes on its official website, this means that even some of its students are not interested in following. The account is partly dormant as the last post to its page was as at April 24th, 2018. It indicates how sluggish the institution is in embracing Facebook. The university also has a seemingly fewer number of twitter followers which braces the possibility of ineffective twitter platform for the institution.

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NJCU School of business does not have an official Instagram account which would have effective in at list 20% of the school’s advertising strategy. Its Facebook page should be more institution based and post relevant information. The Facebook page should have the school’s logo as its profile picture and beneath it its school vision and motto. The account should also get often updated with new relevant and mind-attracting information. Its Twitter handle should also be updated, and the cover page gives relevance to the institution for twitter users. It must also write the institution’s name in full without abbreviation on its profile so that online users get to know the campus easily at first sight. Therefore, the institution should organize influencers and successful school alumni to attract more education-hungry youth to quench their thirst at the jersey.

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The institution should also offer scholarships to international students to build a global image. The institution should also thrive through snap chat, an online platform that attracts brilliant young minds. The application enables users to capture photos or short videos and can be sent to other snap chatters. The videos then disappear within twenty-four hours. It could also lead to a sense of satisfaction and inclusion among students. This is crucial for better management. It’s, therefore, necessary that the New Jersey city university school of business develop an ICT department to manage its online social media platforms. Work cited Scott, David Meerman. The new rules of marketing and PR: How to use social media, online video, mobile applications, blogs, news releases, and viral marketing to reach buyers directly. Advertising, promotion, and other aspects of integrated marketing communications.

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Nelson Education, 2017. Andrews, J. Craig, and Terence A. Shimp.

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