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New companies are in the search for more information about the kind of data they possess and XYZ company is categorized among this list. The Business Problem The corporation in the has newly had a competitor called AdventureWorks. On the finalized acquisition situation, the company is interested in knowing more about the AdventureWorks' staff. The interest is mainly in the performance statistics, demographics and date of hire. Furthermore, the company would be interested in getting information on other meaningful and exciting correlations among other data. It came to my note that the views look as it joints to a few relevant information areas. However, it was not complete solely. The used table had quite a lot of information that if used would help create a higher and accurate record that will be analyzed.

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For instance, table of human resource. vEmployee view contained no information on the marital staff status, birth dates or any other attribute. Employee table, HumanResources. vEmployeeDepartment view, and HumanResources. vEmployee view so I can have employee attribute. Also, I have combined Sales. SalesPerson table so I can get the details on the performance when the employee is labeled as a sales-employee. Lastly, a new variable Birth_Year_Range which gives a particular value for every ten years. Now, this data would be ready for all the analysis using the SPSS software. Approach Used for Analysis Using the ready given data set, the plan is to custom the informative statistics to comprehend any patterns any trends in the demographics, performance statistics and dates of hire.

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However, this type of statistic helps to give a better grasp of every variable that is offered within if the data set that gives a simple view onto most of the fundamental aspects the data. (Tan, Kumar, and Steinbach, 2006). This shows the overall open of a lot of stores on the year 1999 also a planned growth of the corporation during that year. Distribution Frequency for the Month Employees Hired: Distribution frequency of the monthly employees employed shows the most of the employees who were hired on the first-year quarter. Zero employees were engaged in September and June. With the vastness of employees used on the first quarter, it shows that the process of employing was all in the plan on their yearly budgets which finalize on the fourth and third quarters of the earlier years.

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A spike on operating could be viewed on July that shows there would be a staff push when in busy seasons. 9 percent who age 66 and 77. The 18- staff, or 6. 2 percent of the laborer, that are aged 56 and 65. The 118- team, or 40. 7 percent of the laborer, that are aged 46 and 55. In the number alone, no interest or significance could be found. Location of Staff by State: The above spread of the staff for the corporation is very less. It is equally 96 percent of all staff are located within Washington DC environs while the rest are dispersed through-out Northern part of America. This shows the AdventureWorks company primarily runs in Washington. Staff by Department: Analysis of this distribution of team by the department discloses a massive spike in the office of Production.

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The focus is also shifted to the Administration and Executive General groups 36-staff or 13. 4 percent of the work-force and the Marketing and Sales group 25-staff or 9. 5 percent of the work-force. This further applies the view of the company on manufacturing and production of the products on a strong opinion on sales and management. Statistics of Performance Below table indicates details that are found for staff on performance. As it indicates a trending increase in the sales of the cooperation widely. Sales have tremendously increased in an average of $2,460,203 in all territory. Association, Correlations, and Patterns Pearson Correlation knowingly as the most useful method for the correlation computation and how 2-variables are relating. For the correlation to be essential or the interesting it that has a p-value which is <0.

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