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Most importantly, the same employees’ had worked in the company for more than 25 years giving them an edge while addressing issues that were pertinent to their operational environment (Ryerson, 2011). Another influential factor that was evident in this recommendation is that the system engineers who were tasked with development and production of new products had extensive experience in scientific computing. The company also employed four more engineers who were well versed with UNIX systems. The rich pool of experience boosted the operations of the company as they managed to navigate through the frequent changes that were experienced over time. In fact, as Brown reported, the efforts of the engineers rendered Fort Wayne as a profitable institution despite the use of informal systems and the random transitions experienced during different periods.

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For instance, the production engineers would be hired based on merits to streamline the production process and help to meet the set goals within a specified timeframe. Again, with experts in a certain field helps the company to plan for logistics such as supply and delivery plans and so aid in projecting the kind of expected outcome at the end of the financial year. Indeed, proper planning can only be achieved if some of these strategies are effectively implemented (Otto & Antón, 2007). Another advantage is to help the company maintain a steady production practice and therefore have a consistent flow of supplies to the vendors. To avert the stiff competition, capacity building and strategic planning will go a long way in helping the company have a cutting edge in the market and continue to enjoy a stable market share.

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Apparently so, the company realized that by collecting, scanning and analyzing the proposals from the customers through optical scanners, the company would effective design and produce user-friendly products. Notably, the production process would be quicker and thorough. The same notion has been advocated for even in the recent times as customers wish for items that are customized according to their specifications. An important aspect of this is that the company will be able to divide its manpower into different units with each group focusing on the common task and therefore enhance the production process. However, it was noticed that the process of incorporating user's requirements would come at a cost. This will go a long way in ensuring that the company remains stable irrespective of the prevailing market conditions.

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Proper planning on the marketing strategy is critical for evaluating the costs involved in the production and marketing processes and provide actual projections that can help in preparation of the operating budget (Sinn, 2008). On the other hand, there may be negative implications of this approach such as constraining on the company resources and budget. Besides, any new strategy that is adopted demands a share of the budget allocation something that a company may not have prior allocations for. Implementing of this strategy may also have unfavorable effects on the organization regarding the acquisition of new members of staff to carry out on the new roles. TensorFlow: A System for Large-Scale Machine Learning. In OSDI (Vol. 16, pp. Chiu, D. K. Huang, S.

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