How might technological advancements affect public transportation

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Furthermore, the research explores both positive and negative impacts that have been associated with the rise in technology and how it has affected people of different ages. Finally, the paper will focus on how technology has facilitated the ease of solving problems worldwide and has made life easy. TECHNOLOGY ON GLOBAL ARENA 1 INTRODUCTION Since the beginning of technological error, human beings have established a healthy relationship with it and have become dependent on it for almost every activity on a daily basis. The human demand for technology has seen a rise in technology. People use technology for almost everything including, communication, traveling, educational purposes, and business transactions and has provided a platform for relaxed and comfortable. BACKGROUND AND SIGNIFICANCE Before the sprout of technology over the globe, most people were unable to communicate effectively due to inadequacies, and often the messages could not be passed.

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The quality of service delivery was poor in sectors like education, business, transportation, industrial areas and many more. However, the error of technology took over the world by surprise as it introduced more comfortable means on how to do things. The word technology is composed of two parts which are “Techno” and “Logy. ” Techno is described as the application, skills, and art in technology while Logy is a term that defines the learning and science. Due to technology, the world has witnessed the significant amount of development projects as a result of the adoption of the techniques that come with technology. Some of the uses include learning, communication, transportation, industrial manufacturing and improvement in agriculture [2]. Furthermore, the entertainment industry has expanded the use of technology to ensure their content is believable and acceptable to the users.

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It is important to note that humans have become too dependent on technology to a point where it has been a challenge to determine the impacts of the use. For example, China has been on the forefront to create and manufacture robots that will be able to perform all duties done by human beings. Most people agree that technology has enhanced the way in which the students can learn at schools and homes. The learning process in classrooms has been upgraded by technological tools such as the internet, projectors, whiteboard, computers and mobile phones [3]. The tools help in verifying information faster which makes the learning process easier. Mobile learning technology has helped students who have tight schedules or came from afar to fulfill their educational goals by taking part in e-learning.

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Hence, the educational sector has received funding from the government and business communities to improve their technology in learning. Transportation uses trains, airplanes, motorbikes, vehicles, roads, energy, materials, finance, time and information to achieve its purpose [4]. The technology incorporates all the four means of transportation through automobiles, airplanes, ships and space transportation. Many people agree that this technology has helped human beings in the movement from one place to another. Indeed, this has seen developed countries like the US and China step us to help some of developing countries by donating funds to improve the transportation sectors 3. 4 Mechanization Agriculture Agriculture uses modern technology to grow different crops. 2 Increased Pollution Pollution comes from various manufacturing and processing industries that have sprout almost everywhere.

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Pollutions interfere with the air we breathe, the water and the land. The industries release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere leading to contamination of the environment leading to climatic changes. All this has been created by the advancement of new technologies worldwide. 3 Increased Population Technology has far much improved the health sector. The approach believes that an aspect can be considered wrong or right depending on the consequential effects on the society [6]. Some people think that the error of technology has dramatically improved the way of life hence impacting the community positively. Consequently, with the negative impacts of pollution, moral decay, loss of family ties, some people are also of the opinion that technology is a wrong tool in society. Indeed, it is upon the community to determine how the technology affects them since technology by itself cannot bring the negative impacts and it all depends on how people choose to utilize it.

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