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This research paper recognizes the essence of communication, which is a foundation pillar for the leadership plan. 3-D Leadership Model The strategic plan will first establish the situational demands, which refer to a set of conditions that necessitate the leadership plan. The foundational aspects of the leadership plan would comprise of task-orientation, relationship-orientation, and effectiveness which would be the outcome following the implementation of appropriate strategies and policies (Goetsch, 2011). Considering the numerous ways of implementing leadership for the Apple-Inc Business environment, this research proposes the use of a mix of task-orientation and relationship-oriented models to achieve high levels of effectiveness (Goetsch, 2011). The Apple-Inc requires hiring developers and computer programmers who would implement the IT strategic plan. On implementing these strategies, the Chief information officer will measure the effectiveness of output requirements of each department.

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It is essential to note that the CIO will not perform these strategies exclusively on the departments. The CIO intends to use flexibility to achieve the best results. The CIO will implement both styles on the departments to accomplish the information systems goals. The organizational strategy established the output orientation whereby it sought to transform the problems found with the iPhone models into operational and realistic objectives. The manufacturing department will implement instructions from the IT and the statistics departments. These set of instructions conform to the client requirements achieved through design, innovation, research and data collected by the departments. The set of instructions is the basis for objectives whereas their ability to process or manufacture gadgets that conform to the requirements of both the clients and the IT department directly correlate with effectiveness.

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The marketing department deals mainly with passing information across to potential and existing customers. The marketing department works in close resonance with IT department, statistic department, and the manufacturing department to ensure that the factors implemented in Apple-Inc gadgets correspond with the information they are advancing to the members of the public. Analysis Leadership Support This research paper would like to establish that leadership is a continuous process that entails a chain of influencing and attaining goals. The research also acknowledges that direction primarily depends on the behavior of the leader and this means that the manner in which managers or leaders at the departments handle employees can make them follow the leader with high vision (Babatunde, 2012). In leadership support, the employees can only meet goals set for them if they have a strong foundation on their personal and organizational lives.

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Leadership support means that managers handle employee grievances to attain specific objectives by involvement in company policies, procedures, and strategies (Babatunde, 2012). This proposal implies that managers would have to work with the individual departments to achieve substantial results. Smooth operations in the organization mean that employees can communicate with each other efficiently. For Apple Inc, employee interaction between themselves and the top-management influences whether company operations seamlessly take place. Seamless communication would be fundamental for achieving development strategies identified in previous sections of this research paper. Considering that, the CIO and all other departmental heads interact with all members of the workforce, the tone they use sets precedence for how employees would proceed to achieve business and corporate goals (Manion, 2005). The research paper proposed that leaders must take on affirmative tones to spearhead headstrong initiatives among employees to work.

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The process review will offer descriptive information on aspects of factors of production for the administration for either change or encouragement of implementation (Armstrong et al, 2005). The leadership of Apple Inc must implement elements of the process review to achieve further success and make corrective measures on points that might not spur the success of the company. The process review provides the stepping-stone for the heights of success Apple Inc can potentially attain. Post-Implementation Follow Up Post-Implementation follow up refers to activities that the company takes on once implementation of the organizational strategies has been finalized. The research realizes that completion of the project strategies would not necessarily translate to the company gaining benefits from the outcome (Goetsch, 2011). The study also recognizes that there are numerous facets not entailed in this paper that would require further analysis to obtain an optimum amount of success.

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